All rounder painter Ci Xi behind even the queen PinFei are called mr. yezimei

All rounder painter Ci Xi behind even the queen PinFei are called "Sir" editor’s note: Ci Xi is a man of taste good queen, love practice painting at leisure, "a Yunnan born widow in Miu Suyun, the Empress Dowager to ghost, eating six pension products……" "Old Bai Shi readme" wrote, in other words, Ci Xi’s paintings by others ghostwriter, Ci Xi special seal seal, into Ci Xi’s works. Ci Xi’s who many of which two painters, "gunmen" is the most famous palace: female painter Miu Jiahui and male artist Qu lun. Miu Jiahui Ci Xi won the favor of   the queen PinFei called "Sir" works of Miu Jiahui Miu Jiahui (1831 -1908), the word Jun, Yunnan kunming. According to the "Forbidden Palace portrait of American female painter Carle court smell recorded" recorded in a book, Miujiahui was born in an official family, and later married to another son, gentle and virtuous, who knows the book ceremony, can play the guqin, good at painting, "the husband is used as her the Secretary, often from the office to take some home and let her copy of the manuscript, and sometimes she drafted the case". After her husband died, she took the children in Kunming, "the first piano entertainer, subsistence, and later sold the paintings to the office". She is good at painting flowers and birds, calligraphy is written so lovingly pathetic was sent into the palace, and Ci Xi. "Ci Xi summoned, interview, rejoicing, the day is about, and from its bow, gave them two hundred month gold (two hundred and twenty silver), and Shisui Miao Ci Xi became clear off the outside to call Mrs. bartholomew." Miu Jiahui works into the palace, Miu Jiahui always careful everywhere, it is the favor of the Ci Xi. She found Ci Xi appreciate the Tang Dynasty Wu Zetian, then draws a "map" as the crown of Dagon Jinlun emperor to offer, make Ci Xiji happy, "immediately put down Huazhou, hand in MS. Miu Jiahui’s face lightly touched. The public felt, Ms. Miu Jiahui in the palace to the status of a liter of baizhang. To the queen PinFei, to meet the eunuch maid, called her Mrs., Mr. Miao Miao, Miao master". The works of Miu Jiahui in Ci Xi’s 60 birthday celebration, she ordered Miu Jiahui to a walk through the marriage between the phoenix coronet and robes of rank, the Manchu women rarely see this dress, "laughed all of the voice, Ci Xi is also a great joy". The works of Miu Jiahui after the death of Ci Xi, Miu Jiahui spent some time in the Empress Dowager. Because of no interest in painting and calligraphy Longyu, finally let her out of the house to return to Kunming. Fortunately, her reputation has been significant, and people can buy pictures and live a The stream never stops flowing., valuable, she bought a big house, "and sell them money to the son donated a cabinet in the government, and at the age of 77, she died quietly in the bedroom full of wall painting". Qu Zhaolin is not only the ghostwriter Ci Xi often imitated Lang Shining works works of Qu Zhaolin Qu Zhaolin (1866 -1937), the word Ren Fu, Beijing. The young painter Zhang Lezhai worship as a teacher, learning painting, because of hard study, youth painting art has been a foundation. When he was 18 years old, after Zhang Lezhai to nawufu recommended in the palace office house bearing, as a professional painter, painting the main road相关的主题文章: