Analysis Kaiserslautern home court or second division continued to slump –

Analysis: Kaiserslautern home court or second division continued to slump – Sohu of Beijing in 2016 08 months 30 days at 02:152016-2017 a.m. Tuesday in Germany in group B League start the third round of the competition, which will be based in Kaiserslautern home court against Dusseldorf. Kaiserslautern new season in bad condition, has not yet won the first victory; Dusseldorf steady state, the new season is still unbeaten. Team: once the Kaiserslautern myth has ceased to exist, in recent years the team has been struggling in the second division last season, tenth in the standings, the performance is not ideal. The new season, the team defender Zimmer and goalkeeper Muller have switched to the Stuttgart and Leipzig Red Bull, but the team did not cast reinforcement, the overall strength of the decline. Kaiserslautern in the new season’s performance is not ideal, the battle the German cup away by German team C jares cut out in overtime after leaving the team in all competitions, suffered three rounds extremely, made only 2 flat 1 negative results, the new season has not yet achieved a victory. Defensive performance in Kaiserslautern state in the near future is not ideal because the team is very bad, the new season three games lost a total of 8 goals, if the team failed to resolve such bad defense, so they are still winless season. Dusseldorf in recent years playing in the Second Division League strength, belong to the lower level Bundesliga last season, only 3 points above the relegation zone fourteenth in the standings. The new season lineup changes little, but the team in the recent performance is very good, by the German Cup 3-0 victory away third team in Rostock, but also by the League home court’s 1-0 team Stuttgart Bundesliga relegation, the new season in all competitions scored 2 wins and 1 draws undefeated record. Dusseldorf recent offensive and defensive teams performed well, the last two games scored 4 goals while maintaining innocence, so excellent offensive and defensive performance is the team to win the guarantee. It is worth noting that Dusseldorf is in possession of certain advantages on the race track, nearly 4 away against the home team 2 wins 1 flat 1 negative record. Battle track: nearly 8 times the two teams clash, Kaiserslautern made only 1 wins 3 flat 4 negative record, in the absolute. Last season, the two round of the fight, their home win. For analysis of the ball game: Kaiserslautern new season overall strength declined, but at a disadvantage on the season, the recent poor performance, while visiting Dusseldorf recently has outstanding performance. The game was 2.10-3.50-3.30 BET365 Europe Asia plate, chupan Lord let the hemisphere high water, visible Kaiserslautern despite the recent poor performance, but the company is still full of confidence on its home court. Note by the BET365 day instant adjustment of 1.90-3.60-3.75, the Asian plate position unchanged, upper plate water level fluctuation is not temporary, the adjustment can be seen from the compensate confidence in Kaiserslautern in the home court is full of rebound. Whether it is from the Kaiserslautern situation, are difficult to see on the record and the overall strength of the team have the strength to rebound, but the recent Dusseldorf Yuezhanyueyong, this battle the Kaiserslautern ball相关的主题文章: