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Are you still misunderstanding in the daily maintenance I was kept in the dark? Sohu car everyone in the daily car often there will be errors, the use of some errors will lead to security risks and even accidents. These errors may be involved in the vehicle itself car, there are some faults, such as maintenance, the owner of the us exactly how to win the trust of the information. It is hard for us to understand the principle of being an amateur, so some are difficult to distinguish. The 4 old driver now fallacy and you talk about the daily car most frequently encountered. Waxing to paint a good crystal glaze coating after many owners will buy a new car with such a problem, the car should do glair and wax or plated crystal. Waxing your car looks after glazing paint not take on an altogether new aspect to be protected, but minor scratches on the paint was filled, thereby reducing the light diffuse reflection. Whether it is waxing or glazing, the use of materials and processes are corrosive to the paint. The direction of death will burn booster pump from the circuit design or mechanical design, can ensure that this. Car design will take into account the similar problems, so do not worry about what will burn the wheel. Of course, often in the steering wheel is not desirable, will go a long time under the condition of large reinforced tire wear. Don’t wait until after the gas warning lights only gas pump is cooling pump is not false, but the design of the pump body pump core outside a cavity is the oil, but also can be used to heat. So as long as you do not put the last drop of oil in the tank is used up, the oil pump will not appear poor heat. Stepping on the clutch on the clutch will burn only when half clutch, clutch will have relative movement and friction, the long time will keep burning clutch. The clutch and completely lift the fully depressed state, no relative friction clutch, clutch will burn.相关的主题文章: