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A car about the scheme of Hangzhou network driver vehicle to reduce the threshold of the new network

A car about the scheme of Hangzhou network: driver vehicle to reduce the threshold of household registration relax Beijing Zhejiang Online – Hangzhou news October 9th (Zhejiang online reporter Huang Zhaoyi editor Wang Jiangjun) this afternoon, the "rules for the implementation of the Interim Measures of Hangzhou city network booking taxi business service management (Trial)" the introduction of the draft, will be formally announced tomorrow. At the same time, the draft will be for the whole society to solicit opinions 7 days, after the formal implementation in November 1st, valid for 1 years. At today’s meeting, the Hangzhou Municipal Transportation Bureau, price bureau and other departments to interpret the hot terms. Compared to the recently launched around the network about the car reform program, Hangzhou version of the program appears to be more moderate, the vehicle, the driver’s access threshold has been relaxed. Most drivers can relax Hukou threshold in terms of employment apply to participate in the online booking taxi driver qualification examination shall comply with the conditions, Hangzhou city residence or in Hangzhou city has "above residence in Zhejiang province" 6 months. Access to the household registration system is one of the most concerned about the car driver, yesterday Beijing, Shanghai issued detailed rules for the implementation of synchronization about car taxi management reform and draft. In the development of the network about the car management rules, Beijing and Shanghai on the network about the driver’s household registration requirements, non local household registration drivers may not engage in the operation of the network about the car. Hangzhou has adopted a two selection criteria. Lu Xiande, deputy director of the Hangzhou Municipal Transportation Bureau, said: as long as living in Hangzhou for more than half a year, you can get access qualifications, so there is little problem with personnel access. This formulation is also considering the actual situation of Hangzhou, a large number of local drivers and Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou, more than 80% of the taxi drivers are Henan, Anhui, Heilongjiang and other places over foreign drivers, drivers with similar conditions, if the limit of the origin, there may be a shortage of manpower." Foreign cars are not access to prevent increased congestion of the city in terms of Original: "network reservation card" for automobile transportation rental vehicles shall comply with the conditions, Hangzhou city has the nature of the use of license plate, registered as a "booking taxi" 7 seat and the following car. Terms clearly defined in the operation of the Hangzhou network about the car must be Zhejiang A license plate. In fact, long before the introduction of the reform program, the Hangzhou Municipal Transportation Bureau in January this year, asked all the network about the car platform repaying foreign license car, the only clear terms in the reform plan. Zhang Xiaodong, deputy director of the Hangzhou road transport authority, said: why should exclude foreign vehicles, mainly to take into account the problem of urban congestion. If the open plate, may lead to a large number of foreign car license plate to enter the Hangzhou market, accelerate Hangzhou road congestion." Two choose a vehicle to improve the access threshold for the possibility of the terms "network card" car rental booking transportation vehicles shall meet the conditions, the fuel vehicle wheelbase 2700 mm above the purchase price for tax or vehicles in more than 120 thousand yuan; new energy vehicle wheelbase reached 2600 mm or more or comprehensive status mileage of 250 kilometers above. The distance between the front and rear wheels of a vehicle.相关的主题文章:

Ant gold suit denied listing in Hong Kong next year, said there is no timetable ca1805

The payment service denied listed in Hong Kong next year said there is still no timetable for the ant Payment Service denied next year listed in Hong Kong said still no timetable for the listing did not make any decision on JINGWAH listing Times News (reporter Ma Wenting Shi Zhijun) yesterday said that the ant gold suit is preparing listed in Hongkong, raising at least $10 billion. However, the relevant person in charge of the ant service subsequently said the message is not true, and that there is no timetable listed. The News quoted the investment bank sources pointed out that the ants are in charge of the gold and was responsible for the 2014 Ali listed investment bank to communicate, ready to go to Hong Kong listing matters, is scheduled to be listed in the first half of next year. Ant gold service stakeholders said that there is no decision on the location of the listing. In response to the news, the Ant King said in a statement, there are reports that the ants are preparing for the next year in Hongkong gold clothing market, Ant King is hereby declared that this message is not true. Currently there is no clear plan for the purchase of gold and a timetable for the listing of the gold, and the future will be cautious in accordance with the development strategy and regulatory requirements, select the most suitable place. Thank you for your concern about the growth of ant king". Market analysts pointed out that the ant gold suit market valuation has reached $75 billion, more than the United States famous financial giant Goldman Sachs group. If the ant gold suit listed in Hongkong, which will likely become one of the largest exchanges in the history of the Hongkong stock exchange, although the specific amount of financing has not yet been determined. It is understood that the listed companies in Hongkong usually require the public to hold at least 25% of the total issued share capital of the issuer, to meet a certain standard of the size of the company can seek approval of a minimum of 15% of the public float. In June this year, the ant gold dress just completed a round of valuation of 60 billion dollars in financing, in order to calculate the valuation, the ant payment service 15% of the equity value of approximately $9 billion, therefore, the local media projections, the listing could be ant gold dress raising more than $10 billion. After the listing of the Alibaba, ant gold service has been identified on the market alone, but for the site has been controversial. November 2014, Ma publicly expressed the hope that the ants in the A-share listed A services". But in June this year, when the loan financing, its president Jing Xiandong said in an interview, when to start the listing is still no timetable for domestic or overseas listing is possible. In August this year, the media have quoted sources familiar with the matter, said the Ant King is considering the first half of next year to start the IPO process in Hongkong. The original plan for the initial listing of ants was originally included in Shanghai IPO. However, the Ant King official denied the news. More exciting content to pay attention to WeChat search public number: Tencent Finance (financeapp).相关的主题文章: