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The pattern of eating fruit   pear porridge grapefruit tea – Shandong channel — fall a lot of fruit market, but because of the cold weather, the stomach always raw fruits at odds". In fact, we may wish to try something new, not only can bring a new taste, but also can stomach dryness, increase therapeutic efficacy. Steamed food: apple, pear and apple pear can Ziyin Runzao, but a lot of people because people are cold property of the two kinds of fruit from. At this time, food is best to eat. For example, Sydney rock sugar pear, wash clean, remove the middle stone in Riga pear 3~5 block rock sugar, into the pot steamed, sweet and delicious to eat together, with nourishing Yin, moistening dryness, improve dry skin, itching effect. Indigestion can also be steamed Apple or boiled apple water to drink, for the treatment of diarrhea effect is very good, but not suitable for constipation. Recommended cooking time of not more than 1 minutes, otherwise easy to destroy the vitamin, not peeling, to avoid the loss of active ingredients. Made tea: grapefruit, lemon grapefruit low sweetness, coughtan duo people drink honey grapefruit tea is a good choice. With a knife the grapefruit skin thin scraping down, grapefruit meat torn into small pieces; cut the grapefruit peel into the water, simmer for 10 minutes; and then into the pulp boil for 1 hours, let cool, add honey, stirring. Can also be modeled grapefruit tea production of lemon honey tea. Honey has a laxative effect, lemon is rich in vitamin C, and has a strong antioxidant, appropriate to eat healthy. Brewing vinegar: persimmon, persimmon apple can Ziyin lungs, spleen and stomach, but also rich in carotene, the most suitable for the face of the computer every day workers eat. You can buy some of the more hard persimmon, washed and dried into the bottle sealed, and then placed in natural fermentation at room temperature, probably about half a month after the persimmon vinegar brewed. With gauze to filter out solids, leaving the liquid is persimmon vinegar, eat noodles when mixing point, taste good. Apple Cider Vinegar can also be made, Apple will cut into two or three cm thick slices, a layer of a layer of sugar apple slice code in the bottle, pour some vinegar sealed after 3 months, Apple will not remove, filtered vinegar into a clean, dry glass bottle, placed in the shade or in the refrigerator freezer. When you drink 1~2 times of pure water or honey water can be. Apple Cider Vinegar contains pectin, vitamins, organic acids and other nutrients, sterilization, enhance immunity and anti-aging effect. Porridge: pear, banana autumn should pay special attention to reducing "dry" diet is very important, Lily porridge is pear Runzao dietary choice. The specific approach is: Sydney 1 (wash skin chopped), rice 100 grams, add appropriate amount of water to the fire to boil, then add 50 grams of fresh lily, let them stew, eat porridge. Three with porridge, or dryness, tranquilize the efficacy of all ages. A good choice of banana porridge is heat Runchang, spleen and stomach. It is the 3 banana, 100 grams of rice, sugar amount. The banana peeled, diced, glutinous rice into the boiling water pot boil, add to the skin of the banana Ding and candy, boil into porridge. The dish: hawthorn, papaya, Sydney fruit after cooking, the tannin of anti nutritional factors)相关的主题文章: