Become A Penpal (its Not Just For Children) And Be An

| You can practice your English with a pen pal. Many people have complained about penpals, especially because the people don’t reply to letters. Some rules for Pen Pals 1. Always reply. (This is a sticking point for some students — "How rude to not reply!" one students told me_. 2. Keep the tone positive. Write about positive things in the other country. 3. Ask open questions. "Why is your president so angry?" might be a difficult way to start a conversation. You could ask, "What are the issues that my country could be more open-minded about?" 4. Be curious. Ask questions that encorage the other person to share someting about their culture. For more suggestions, write to me [email protected] Here is a place to start with penpals look through past articles to March and April 2007 and you will find lists of email addresses. Go ahead, write to someone. share something about your city on this web site. Here is the list. Why not write to these people and learn about another culture? Egypt [email protected] (Wael works in a hotel in Sharm al sheikh, a resort on the Red Sea) Another guy: [email protected] Brazil [email protected] He knows some English from studying in Naples, Florida… but he learned more Spanish there! Why not write to him? He studied Logistics. Switzerland [email protected] Geneva Xavier, Astrid [email protected] near Zurich Nico [email protected] near RheinFall Greece [email protected] Nicolas Saudi Arabia Do you have questions about Islam? You can ask one of our students Abdul (e-mail: [email protected] ), who has a great sense of humor…and he knows many funny stories. Syria The letter on the first page was written by Abdul Khalid Sayid from Syria. He was a student at Barry University in Florida in 2004-2005. You can write to AKS by sending a message to me at [email protected] and I will forward it to him. He wants to answer questions and he invites curious Westerners to learn more about Islam. Kuwait Mansoor was swimming in Fort Lauderdale and went in 2004-2006 to swim in Indiana. His email address is [email protected] Iran Maysam is from Tehran. He is studying computers in Miami. He welcomes your questions. [email protected] Venezuela Daniela Patruno .. she is a doctor.. [email protected] India Mrs. Kilpadi Stories about Hindu philosophy… [email protected] Rohit Kilpadi a computer programmer in Hungary. Do you want to know about India? [email protected] Deepak Kilpadi, Metallurgist in Texas. He welcomes your questions. [email protected] USA Ms. Lott, a teacher, [email protected] She lived in Japan. She speaks Spanish. Ms. Jessica Lawson, [email protected] is studying psychology in Connecticut. S. McCrea, a teacher, he tutors people in SAT math and verbal skills. [email protected] He is learning about other religions and likes to explain Christianity to people who are unfamiliar with the Old and New Testament. The following ads were found on a penpal list http://www.efriends. MORE STUDENTS (listed on TellMeMoreTV) [email protected] Bucky’s manager [email protected] Accountant, Egypt [email protected] Musician [email protected] ; [email protected] ; [email protected] ; [email protected] ; [email protected] ; [email protected] ; [email protected] ; [email protected] (teacher in China) [email protected] (Egyptian in S. California) [email protected] ; [email protected] ; [email protected] (teacher in Japan) [email protected] ? [email protected] ? [email protected] [email protected] ? [email protected] [email protected] ; [email protected] ; [email protected] ; [email protected] ; [email protected] ; [email protected] [email protected] (China) [email protected] (Turkey) [email protected] (China) [email protected] [email protected] (An Iranian guy in Miami) [email protected] [email protected] (France) [email protected] (in Florida) Steve McCrea STUDENT CLUB: About the Author: Here are some sources for Penpals (write about your city) (tips about being a good penpal) Article-Submit-Submission Article Published On: Privacy Policy 相关的主题文章: