Beijing August new transaction cooling more and more suburban houses — real estate —

Beijing August new transaction cooling   more and more "suburban houses" — real estate — original title: Beijing, August new house trading cooling increasingly "suburban" Beijing August new residential market cooling. Albert I love my family statistics group Market Research Institute released on the 28 display, as of August 26th, August Beijing new commercial housing turnover is 10135 units, down 8.9%; the average transaction price of 30141 yuan per square metre (RMB, the same below), down 9.2%. Albert I love my family, said Hu Jinghui, vice president of the group, in August the price is mainly affected by the average price of a large number of lower self occupied housing turnover. With the new home market in Beijing trading a smaller and more suburban, the average transaction price of new homes affected by the transaction structure is very obvious. August, Beijing ordinary residential and villa two new types of commercial housing turnover of a total of 3325 units, a decline of 32.4%, the average price of $35793 per square meter, a decline of 4.6%. Thus, this month the overall cooling of the new home market. Hu Jinghui said that in recent years Beijing new deal size gradually reduced, due to increasing land prices, the new project is also more and more suburban, luxury. New home market affected by the structure of the transaction is very large, self occupied commercial housing will become the main factor affecting the second half of this year, the price of new houses. Expected home-based commercial housing in the three quarter of this year ushered in the peak supply, and become the main force of the new home market transactions, affected by this, the new home market price will remain stable. (end) (commissioning editor Sun Hongli and Wu Zhenguo)相关的主题文章: