Beijing Olympic Organizing Committee Office for the first time exposure in Shougang – Sohu mix other-crycry

Beijing Olympic Organizing Committee Office for the first time exposure in the news we mix – Sohu Shougang other side visit Wang Damien side introduction. He is the opposite of a finger outside the circular arrangement of buildings, which is put before the raw material silo, silo 6 after the transformation, the total construction area of nearly 26000 square meters per barrel has 6 to 7 layers, single area of about 400 square meters, the height of about 4.5 meters, the new steel structure adding layer, construction the spatial form of diversification. Circular silo versatile internal structure, breaking the traditional office pattern, make the space has many functions. 1, 2, silo interior retains the quarter cylinder wall; 3, steel structure 4, new and original silo silo wall separated from inside can clearly see the original silo large space layout and industrial scale; 5, 6, from the entrance to the silo opening, glass curtain wall, and then to the indoor decoration, all the circular design elements. No. 1 underground silo designed for industrial heritage hall, representing the industrial era in the history of western. The top of silo for corridor landscape class sightseeing restaurant and air pedestrian corridor, underground space for the transformation of creative leisure square, to provide a good environment for office and business negotiation.

北京冬奥组委会办公地首次曝光 在首钢造型混搭-搜狐新闻  我们边参观王达明边介绍。他手指这对面一座外表圆形排列的建筑说,这在以前是放原料的筒仓,改造后的6座筒仓,总建筑面积近26000平方米,每筒有6至7层,单层面积约400平方米,层高约4.5米,新建钢结构加层,构建出多元化的空间形态。筒仓内部灵活多用的圆形结构,打破了传统办公格局,使空间具备诸多功能。1、2号筒仓内部保留了四分之一筒壁;3、4号筒仓新的钢结构与原筒仓内壁脱开,从内部可以清晰看到原筒仓宽大的空间布局和工业尺度;5、6号筒仓从开洞入口,到玻璃幕墙,再到室内装修,全部采用圆形设计元素。1号筒仓地下一层设计为工业遗产展厅,再现工业时代的历史印迹。筒仓顶部通廊打造为景观级观光餐厅和空中步行走廊,地下空间改造为创意休闲广场,为办公和商务洽谈提供良好环境。相关的主题文章: