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Mobil-.puting With the rise in the use of smart phones increasing day in and day out there are numerous apps that are being used by people for various purposes. Most of the software development .panies have a full-fledged team of developers to work on the new demands of the industry. Due to the rise in the expectation of the consumers, developers search for a method in which minimal effort can help them to develop apps that can be used on all the mobile platforms. The solution to this is using the cross platform mobile application development. The cross platform app development methodology helps to serve the needs of a large fan basis thereby targeting Andriod and iOS fans. The prime goal of the cross platform mantra is to cater as many consumers as possible. The cross platform application development technique has the following advantages: Greater Reach The cross platform technique helps to reach a large number of people meaning all the different mobile operating systems. With .paratively less efforts for all the different mobile environments the .pany can earn a lot of money. It is obvious that the more platforms that a .pany covers, the more people will it be able target. When an app is available on all the leading platforms, the development .pany shall have an added advantage of covering a greater market potential. Easy Marketing When there is a larger fan base, the cross platform development .pany’s marketing team does not have to spend a lot of efforts in the promotion of the app. The need to create niche messages is not there. The development .pany has the liberty of marketing the application on different media and using generalized messages for the crowd. One Instead of Many When releasing an update, it very easy to do so as changes have to made at a single place only. The updates would be released at the same time for all the different platforms. There also no need of different team to handle the apps a single team can handle this using the cross platform approach. Uniform Look and Feel The overall design and feel of the apps for all the platforms is uniform as there is a single block of code that is executing for all the different platforms. When the same app is developed independently on different platforms, it is difficult to maintain a sync between the different developers but this situation does not arise when cross platform app development is used. Reduced Development and maintenance Costs When cross platform development is used, there is reduced development cost when making apps for multiple platforms. Along with development, the maintenance costs are also reduced as there is a single code base. There is no need to have bug tracking for n number of codebases, and also no need to maintain a larger staff to support each platform. The next major change that the mobile industry is going to observe is moving towards the cross platform development. If they do not adopt this, they shall not be maintaining the pace with the .petitors. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: