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Automobiles The BMW E31 1990 onwards is a BMW 8 series which has a chassis code as E31. This model of BMW was built in the time frame from 1989 to 1999. It has been said that the BMW 8 series was gotten from the concept of the model E24 which is of the 6 series but this stands to be an untrue belief since the 8 series was produced with its own beauty and class which is basically aimed for a market different from that of the 6 series. Looking at the price difference between these two series and the performance rates will disabuse any believe that these series are 250km/h, which is one of its special features. The BMW E31 1990 onwards has different models and the different models have their own piece of specialty about them. The related in any way. The BMW E31 1990 onwards was built with an electronic speed limit of BMW E31 1990 840ci came with two engine packages. The first package used a 4 liter M60B40 engine which had power of 210kw and it was manufactured between the years of 1993-1995, but recently the second package engine is used which has 4.4 liters M62B44 engine and having an improved fuel managing capacity. After you are able to identify the BMW E31 840ci, the BMW 850i came with its own specific features which distinguishes it from other models of same name. Such distinguishing features include; an engine with 5 liter M70B50 V12 which has 221kw speed, it can be available as a speed automatic gearbox or a 6- speed gearbox that is manually operated. The model BMW E31 850Ci is coined from model 850i and there is still some confusion when it comes to these models because people can hardly tell why and when these changes were made. It is believed that the changes include a C to denote couple, maybe of changes here and there in the car. These changes include; the new engine M73B54, with its capacity being 5.4 liters with a power of 240kw which is obviously higher than the previous 4.4 liters engine. Though the change of name in both models make them look like the same cars but the changes in the features are quite glaring to anyone who cares to look for them. BMW E31 1990 onwards has its recent model 850Csi which is a sports tourer. This car has a new type of engine S70B56 with a capacity of 5.6 liters, its power is 279kw. The BMW E31 1990 onwards came with a lot of changes and this is the reason they are never forgotten. BMW E31 1990, a brief history – Ideal Engines About the Author: 相关的主题文章: