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Bong 2P released a smart bracelet also playing machine sea tactics? – Sohu digital [Mobile China intelligent hardware] February 1st, Bong released new smart Bracelet Bong 2P, the new Bracelet appearance is exquisite, exquisite, with ceramic texture of the surface and streamlined design, fashionable breath. Bong 2P smart bracelet with mobile phone anti loss warning, record the number of steps, automatic monitoring of sleep, call reminders and other functions, the theoretical endurance time up to 40 days. Compared with the Bong 2S released two months ago, the new product has removed the heart rate detection module, and the price has dropped to 49 yuan, which is 20 yuan cheaper than the same level of millet bracelet. Bong 2P Bong 2P introduction since the second half of 2015, the rapid development of smart watches, corresponding smart wristbands began to face the fate of being marginalized. Throughout 2015, in addition to millet small amplitude growth, the majority of Bracelet manufacturers are shipments down. Bong frequently piled new products seems to be struggling with the decline in the market, but the sea tactics can make Bong stand out, to create a question mark.

bong 2P发布 智能手环也玩机海战术?-搜狐数码  【手机中国 智能硬件】2月1日,bong发布新品智能手环bong 2P,新款手环外观小巧精致,具备陶瓷质感的表面和流线型设计,时尚气息十足。   bong 2P智能手环具有手机防丢预警,记录步数,自动监测睡眠,来电提醒等功能,理论续航时间可达40天。和两个月前发布的bong 2s相比,新品去掉了心率检测模块,售价也降低至49元,比同级别的小米手环便宜20元。 bong 2P bong 2P简介   自2015年后半年开始,智能手表的快速发展,对应的智能手环开始面临被边缘化的命运。纵观2015年,除了小米小幅度增长外,多数手环厂商都出现出货量下跌的情况。   bong频繁堆出新品似乎是在与市场下跌抗争,不过机海战术能否让bong脱颖而出要打一个问号。相关的主题文章: