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Both the calcium can improve the immunity, the baby did not eat? Sohu often have treasure maternal mother ask me, what kind of fish less high nutritional value, suitable for the baby to eat? In addition to salmon, the COD I would recommend a freshwater fish to you is whitebait look like that, look at is not very cute very whitebait is calcium, high protein and low fat freshwater fish belonging to the "whole foods", eat when not to go to fin bone nutrition completely, improve the immunity of the human body more wonderful is that eliminating the trouble to pick bones for the baby to eat whitebait do I usually love a bowl of steamed whitebait egg soup in addition to protein rich egg and whitebait also add vitamins or minerals and letinous edodes milk Chinese cabbage egg soup is usually by a small baby welcome to bibimbap Xiangxiang, delicious and nutritious whitebait steaming formula: 10g, small shrimp whitebait Xu, 10g, 10g, letinous edodes milk Chinese cabbage 1 egg sauce: no (over the age of the baby, the baby’s taste, add a little salt) cooking methods: steamed reference month: the degree of 10 months or more difficult: no difficulty (like steamed tender Steamed Egg Custard needs. Master some skills for the paper) Note: food allergy baby. The baby can be allergic to egg white, egg yolk to egg only * * 1: preparation and practice of 10G, a little shrimp, whitebait milk Chinese cabbage 10g, letinous edodes 10g, egg 1. PS: milk Chinese cabbage can be used to replace other green vegetables, cabbage, rape, spinach and so on can be ~ 2 shrimp must use warm water for 20 minutes, and she want to change two to three times. PS: soaking with warm water is to remove the surface of the residual harmful substances. The two is to soak off the residue on the surface of water, let the shrimp is not so salty. Whitebait with blisters on the 3 in advance, and then gently stirring to prevent dirt precipitation, then filter the fish picked up according to this method, rinse three or four times. Wash the whitebait and small shrimp into the small bowl after standby. PS: when choosing whitebait, also have a lot of attention, don’t buy by formaldehyde soaked whitebait. (1) extrusion whitebait with your fingers, good quality fish is easily broken, but by formaldehyde soaked whitebait, will become very hard, not easy to crush. (2) when choosing whitebait, picked up from the water after the fish feel whitebait, if there is mucus, that most is not fresh. (3) smell, fresh fish does not smell, pungent odor. Irritating smell of whitebait may contain formaldehyde and other organic chemical reagent. 4 the water boiled, letinous edodes under the pot, the water boiled, remove the odor. PS: generally do letinous edodes foods, I will advance it boiled, remove the smell of letinous edodes, letinous edodes had not found love baby to become less resistant to it. 5 then the milk cabbage boiled water..相关的主题文章: