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For the advanced concept of life and the Buick concept Velite – the world’s first automobile Sohu today, SAIC GM’s Buick brand Buick Velite the world’s first new energy concept car, opened the curtain of the 2016 Guangzhou auto show exhibitors. "Art plastic beauty" as the theme of the creative exhibition booth design and virtual reality new interactive image interpretation of the theme of the exhibition "for the Buick brand and advanced concept of life". As one of the important initiatives to promote Buick blue new energy strategy, Buick Velite new energy concept car by SAIC GM PATAC, leading GM global collection of the advantages of resources to build. Activities at the scene of the event site "Velite" comes from the English word "elite", meaning the elite and the backbone. At the same time, the word "Velite" itself is the name of ancient Europe a pioneering elite force. The new Buick new energy concept car named Velite, meaning to draw inspiration from the time, in today’s preview of the future. The overall design of the Velite concept car can be seen everywhere from the "water" inspiration, and rooted in the traditional culture Chinese "as good as water" philosophy echoes, efficient, intelligent, green interpretation of the advanced concept of life. Buick Velite new energy concept car’s front styling in family style on the further innovation, wing type chrome grille and headlights on both sides through "closely connected", looks very lethal, while also using the LED light source lamp. The body size of the new car length and width were 4579*1811*1494mm, wheelbase 2694mm, equipped with 21550 R17 tires. Because equipped with a hybrid system, the service quality has reached 1610kg. Buick Velite new energy vehicles using the concept of hybrid technology inserted high performance PHEV technology to build the front drive system based on the core of general motors, a new generation of modular intelligent power module, with high performance of lithium ion batteries, in order to control the logical drive in the form of more efficient and more intelligent, fully tap the potential limit of vehicle performance and energy saving, realize the optimization of driving performance under different driving conditions of the vehicle. In addition, it is worth mentioning that the new official declaration of 100 kilometers integrated fuel consumption is only 0.9L. After the new LaCrosse 30H hybrid, Buick released Velite new energy concept car also indicates that Buick will accelerate the implementation of the "blue Buick brand" new energy strategy, accelerate the introduction of new energy vehicles include HEV, EREV plug-in hybrid extended range hybrid, plug-in hybrid PHEV and EV pure electric vehicles and other drive form, and cover different vehicle platforms, providing diversified and intelligent green travel solutions for users.相关的主题文章: