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Business A good marketing strategy is essential for the growth and success of any .pany or profession. Business cards have proved to be one of the most effective means of business marketing at a personal level. Usually business cards are considered as printed pieces of introduction, but this is just a superficial feature of business cards. Business card holders generally tend to ignore one of the hidden .plementary .ponents of these cards; which is the fact that business cards can also be used for the advertisement of their business or profession. .pany logo or tag line should be printed on the business cards for the effective business promotion; as the best strategy for marketing a business is to utilize every single opportunity for the promotion of the .pany. Business cards can be formed out of different kinds of material and moreover, these cards can be of various shapes, sizes and formats. A person should choose business cards, in-accordance with the requirement of his or her business or profession. But one should not .promise with the quality and content of the business cards; as the businesses are generally judged by the quality of their marketing instruments. A good quality business card with well formulated content and design would certainly reflect professional demeanor of a person and would also help in promoting the business or profession with which he is associated. Thus, along with personal and professional introduction, the marketing factor associated with business cards should also be kept in mind while designing these cards. In-addition to business cards, there are other printed items such as letterhead, brochures etc, which can also be used as effective marketing instruments. A well designed letterhead with personal or professional introduction and the .panys logo in it can be a very strong mode of advertisement. A good letterhead would reflect a positive professional image of a .pany. Similarly, brochures with the description of the products or the schemes of a .pany are essential means of business promotion. These designer brochures serve dual purpose, as they not only convey the desired information to the customers, but also act as instruments of business advertisement. Business cards, along with letterhead and brochures serve as significant marketing tools, as they provide substantial contribution in the promotion of any business. These printed items not only help in .municating the requisite information to the current or potential clients, but they also offers to be some of the essential .ponents of the marketing strategy of a particular .pany. Thus, business cards and other related accessories can be regarded as some of the most effective marketing methods for the realistic promotion of any business. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: