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Writing While reading The Corrections, many readers felt glad they were not one of the characters, but could easily visualize themselves making the same mistakes they were making. In the conventional sense, The Corrections didnt have a plot, but it did explain how the characters got where they were. Take Gary for example, who was sure in his heart he didnt want to have a marriage like his father who dominated (or bullied) his wife. As a result, his wife started dominating the marriage, to the point of absurdity. The author doesnt feel the need to point it out, its clear to everyone reading the novel. What Went On In His Mind? Jonathan Franzen has written some nonfiction as well, and most of it gets referenced in whatever piece is being written about him. For him, writing the third book was extremely difficult, because when he was researching for it, the world was moving differently. Complicated things were being simplified and this callous approach incensed him no end. But the novels based on similar topics were too dull, in his opinion, so he didnt write for a long time. Nonfiction Is Easier Jonathan Franzen says nonfiction is slightly easier though getting the outline of the book in place is slightly difficult. Once the outline is done, he just has to write it. There were challenges in getting the outline right, but he had a lot to say and believed people were ready to listen to him. The Corrections appeared on the literary scene at just the right time, since it happened at the time when family bonding was increasing due to outer world success was tapering off. People are more interested in their families and are bonding well with the family members better than ever. The Author Takes Himself Seriously Jonathan Franzen is one writer who takes himself very seriously and is unapologetic about it. He says the writers are looking at the character (and the family) yet again, and its a good change. He even believes the chapter itself is a short story in itself, and that when the chapter ends, a portion of the story ends. In the current age, idealism is dying fast and practical world is taking precedence over everything. So the attention being paid to the family is increasing and in a good way. Jonathan Franzen says family is the only way to make a novel meaningful and significant. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: