Chen Gan Yan production reached a preliminary agreement to freeze oil asphalt rebound short-3edyy

Chen Gan Yan: frozen production reached a preliminary agreement for bitumen rebound short clients view the latest market prices Wednesday affected by OPEC to limit production agreement and EIA crude oil production declined rose more than 5%. EIA latest inventory recorded a decrease of 1 million 882 thousand barrels, for the fourth consecutive week recorded a decline in OPEC agreed to limit the production of 3250-3300 million barrels a day interval, and in November decided to reduce the duration of production and production quotas. OPEC’s surprise move also makes the famous investment bank Goldman Sachs has changed the attitude of the previous bearish oil prices, Goldman Sachs believes that the agreement will be reached in 2017 to promote global crude oil production is expected to reduce 48-98 million barrels per day. By limiting the agreement and effect on the non OPEC output conservative estimates, Goldman expects 2017 oil prices to $53 barrel. But Goldman Sachs also warned that OPEC production may exceed the quota risk after the cut. The current level of oil prices is far below the budget requirements of most OPEC countries. Some experts said that the political situation in Iran and Saudi Arabia hostile state, so that the production agreement negotiations appear complex and fragile. The two countries are fighting proxy wars in the Middle East, such as Syria and Yemen. Moreover, from Iran had set 4 million barrels a day can still has about 400 thousand barrels of the gap, while the last two years of involvement in the oil prices continue to make up for the increase in Saudi Arabia, is willing to sell its share of production is unknown. Crude oil asphalt trend analysis: last night’s market up to now so much, some people happy sad, wrong direction investors can only melancholy. The OPEC meeting is awesome market has linear oil prices rose to $47.5. The frozen production agreement is to reach a production agreement to reduce oil production is good oil prices, coupled with EIA inventory data is also reduced, indicating that oil prices in the production of oil prices to rise. Although the news is a good news, but we still have to beware of crude oil down, so why say this, pay attention to the trend of crude oil will know, crude oil volatility by the impact of the news is more serious, although the cartel broke the news of frozen production agreement, but the frozen production details have not yet been given. And now a supply of crude oil or surplus. Overall, we still need to wait for OPEC’s actual production cuts to solve the excess supply of crude oil. At the same time, we also need to pay attention to the impact of IEA and China’s demand for crude oil prices. Because the crude oil rose yesterday have been fully taking the first ten days of declines, the bull market has come about. No news of the impact of crude oil above $48 there is still strong support, at present on the daily level, Bollinger Bands of three began to shrink mouth in shock after the five day moving average crude oil up, with the average of ten days to rise after macd. A unilateral upward trend in the whole has finished, optimistic about the days of crude oil shocks down, the operation is recommended to overestimate the slag can be. Spot oil operation: morning strategy: the price of 46.0-46.2 more than a single approach, stop 0.3 points, target 47.5-47.8. Strategy two: oil 48.0-47.8 empty single approach, stop loss of 0.3 points.相关的主题文章: