China’s property market may be the next wave of 8 cities (video)-adobe gamma

The next wave of soaring property market China May 8 city August national property warming hot city to restart the purchase credit limit were from a second tier city real estate WeChat public number (ID:fangchanguancha12) Note: the property market funds is spillover from strong second tier city, in the eastern part of the core city and surrounding the Midwest Regional center of the city, looking for new investment export. By this time, soaring housing prices will change the direction of the wheels. Rising prices in the second half of last year so far, the first sounded the clarion call is Shenzhen, then Shanghai and Beijing. This year, more than the Shanghai and Shenzhen stock rose also fierce, is the four dragons, that is, Nanjing, Suzhou, Xiamen and Hefei. Beijing Shanghai deep and the four dragons, have launched a varying degree of administrative regulation. They will rise, but gains will narrow. Next, we look at the first question: a new round of urban housing prices have been driving power, which cities are likely to start the surge relay? 1, Chongqing urban expansion and Aboriginal relocation, moved north, the construction of satellite towns, will have a strong power demand in new Chongqing reserve. The final completion of through traffic artery will make Chongqing a tiger with wings added. 2, the Ji’nan real estate seems to be weaker than the springs of the landscape reconstruction and transplantation has been tepid. Optimistic about the only reason is that she is the capital city of Shandong Province, and Weihai, Qingdao and other coastal cities outside the domestic investment throughput increasingly saturated. 3, Wuhan New Town Development Zone Economic Development Zone in Wuhan Hubei city group construction process to eliminate the disease, complete rebirth. Other city of Wuhan surrounding nine counties of the throughput, attraction, economic pulling power and radiation effect can not be compared. The soft environment restricting the development of Wuhan is an important reason why the economic connotation is not strong. But still optimistic about Wuhan as a central city in Central China, the great potential of real estate. System development in Binjiang area, the central business circle formally voted to build a substantive start three area planning, a virtuous cycle of education industrialization, will make Wuhan talent return, satellite city reconstruction, new economic base. 4, Mianyang is not only a Changhong, as well as the entire Western sichuan. When Chengdu as a domestic consumer city, Mianyang’s tomorrow will be on the spectrum. Mianyang also because real talent demand and joint special industries, special climatic conditions, the real estate development. 5, the Weihai average price rose one thousand yuan for the shortest time in the city, Weihai has its name; health city often list; three line Binhai, the Airlines Hainan Airlines convenience; focus on the development of the west coast of Yantai; and cage traffic construction; Weihai attractive to both at home and abroad, will make Weihai real estate change. 6, Zhongshan Zhongshan step Guangzhou footsteps could imagine the real estate tomorrow. Moreover, Zhongshan’s economic infrastructure, investment environment, policies, economic construction, the existing base of overseas Chinese overseas funds which, compared with the year of the Guangzhou ifheavier. 7, Yichang as the battle to destroy the Guangxi, as chairman of the strategy to realize the "high gap Pinghu" ambition, as "have sailed the seven seas" and "the exception of Wushan, the northwest of Hubei as the leader, as a scenic area of Yichang has been in hot pursuit of well-educated and trained in military exercises, Wuhan, Wuhan today is Yichang tomorrow! Patient gave her three years. 8, Xi’an energy-saving, have.相关的主题文章: