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China Art Festival held in Shaanxi in October 45 venues have been put into use – Beijing, Beijing, August 31 Xi’an Xinhua (reporter Zhang Yichen) 31 reporter learned from Shaanxi Province Department of culture, the Eleventh China Art Festival will be opened in Shaanxi Yanan in October 15th this year, the festival preparatory work has entered the final sprint stage. At present, has been put into use and trial run up to 45 venues. The Eleventh China Arts Festival will be held in Shaanxi from October 15, 2016 to 31. As China’s largest, the largest and most influential national arts and cultural events, Chinese Art Festival held every three years, is an important platform for Chinese cultural and artistic display to the world. Among them, the highest award Wenhua award as the government art professional stage were selected in each country, Chinese art festival. The festival is sponsored by the Ministry of culture and the Shaanxi Provincial People’s government, to China dream as the theme, "art event, the people’s festival" as the festival tenet of "quality, Huimin, thrifty, sustainable" festival principle. According to reports, this festival to the main venue in Xi’an. The opening ceremony held in Yanan, held the closing ceremony in Xi’an; in Xi’an, Baoji, Xianyang, Weinan, Tongchuan, Yanan, Yulin, Shangluo, Hancheng city held a "Wenhua award awards". As the eleventh session of the Chinese festival opening concert repertoire, tells the Shaanxi disaster poverty relocation story Shaanxi modern drama "home" is now in the intense rehearsals in the play in Weinan in Shaanxi city of Shaanxi opera troupe as the main joint grassroots troupe performed together. It is understood that the construction of the venue in the festival, to determine the 51 venues in Shaanxi for the Arts Festival intends to use the venue, as of now, has been put into use and try to run the venue of the 45 eleven. Shaanxi Provincial Department of culture minister Liu Kuanren introduction, the eleventh session of the China art festival mainly includes five aspects: one is to hold the "Wenhua Award" awards; two is held "Stars Award" awards; three is held art, calligraphy and photography exhibition activities; four is held China performing products fair; five carry out cultural Huimin activities, and to the art festival as an opportunity to explore the open cultural Huimin card, let the people fully enjoy the convenience of public cultural services. (end)相关的主题文章: