Chinese government issued a document to strengthen the overall risk management requirements of the b-ca1810

Chinese official issued a document to strengthen the banking risk management requirements covering domestic and foreign business – China news agency new network in September 30 Beijing Xinhua (reporter Chen Kangliang) according to China CBRC official website 30 news, to enhance the level of comprehensive risk management of banking financial institutions, the CBRC recently issued a "comprehensive risk management guidelines" (banking financial institutions hereinafter referred to as the "guidelines"). CBRC relevant responsible person said, this is mainly because in recent years, although the CBRC has made various prudential rules, but still lack a command for comprehensive risk management, comprehensive rules. In addition, the international regulatory reform has put forward new requirements for risk management, and the formulation of guidelines is not only the result of the new requirements of international regulatory reform, but also the improvement of risk management in China’s banking industry. It is reported that the guidelines for banking financial institutions to put forward a comprehensive risk management principles. Including the principle of full coverage. Comprehensive risk management of the new regulations require banks should cover all business lines, including the foreign currency, the tables inside and outside, inside and outside the business; covering all branches, subsidiaries, departments, positions and personnel; covering the interaction among all the different risk types and risk; through the decision-making, execution and supervision of all aspects of management. In recent years, the scale and the degree of internationalization of China’s banking industry has gradually increased. According to the China Banking Association day before the release of the "2015 year Chinese banking social responsibility report", as of the end of 2015, a total of 22 Chinese funded banks have established 1298 overseas branches, covering 59 countries and regions in the world. Among them, 9 banks set up a 56 branches in 24 countries The Belt and Road along; large commercial banks overseas total assets of approximately $1 trillion and 500 billion, an increase of about 7.5 times more than in 2003. The specific contents of supervision, the "guide" the five main elements of a comprehensive risk management system of banking financial institutions, including risk management framework, risk management strategy, risk preference and risk limits, risk management policies and procedures, management information system and data quality control, internal control and audit system. For the main responsibility, the guidelines adopted the concept of risk management "three lines of defense", emphasizing the ultimate responsibility of the board of directors of the banking financial institutions to undertake comprehensive risk management. The banking financial institutions supervision responsibility of comprehensive risk management, responsible for the supervision and inspection of the board of directors and senior management in risk management of the performance of their duties and supervise the rectification. A banking financial institution shall establish or designate a department to take charge of the overall risk management, and take the lead in carrying out the comprehensive risk management. The direct responsibility for the risk management of the business lines of the banking financial institutions. (end)相关的主题文章: