Club World Ranking Barcelona top 4 seats before the 5 strong Spanish football (video)-shuyue

Club World Ranking: Basa top 5 won 4 seats before the strong Spanish [Basa 2-1] they reverse away enemies Messi shot Su God broke the club world ranking sports news Holland Tencent announced in November 14th the football coach Statistical Institute (IFCStat) through its website clubworldranking released the latest World Club rankings, La Liga continues strong, in addition to Basa (official data) rankings, Real Madrid (data) and Atletico were ranked second and third. The world’s top 5 clubs, 4 teams from Spain, respectively, Ma Jing, Barcelona and Real Madrid and Seville. 16954, to achieve the integration of Barcelona topped the list, Real Madrid’s score is 15950 points, ranked second in La Liga, however, is Zidane’s team leader. Ma Jing’s current score is 14618 points, ranking in the top third. Bayern’s score reached 13294 points, ranked fourth, behind the lead in Seville, integrating the Europa League is 13172 points. Ranked 6-10 teams are Dortmund, Donetsk, Villarreal, the national miners athletics and Juventus (Tucci club website data). Super League Guangzhou Hengda world ranking is thirty-ninth, only lower than Manchester United, Rome, Chelsea (data) and the city of Leicester and other teams. (Brooke)相关的主题文章: