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Crude oil agitated investors, road turns, super week analysis and suggestions of crude oil market Sina fund exposure table: the letter Phi lag of false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, to buy the fund by the pit how to do? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! The first week of October, with U.S. payrolls after second weeks, the market will once again usher in heavy data, so that the market will continue to have the margin volatility, which focuses on EIAIEA and OPEC three oil market monthly report, October 8-13, OPEC and non OPEC producers in Istanbul held an informal meeting to discuss the implementation of production protocol. In addition, the market will usher in the Fed’s September monetary policy meeting minutes and Yellen speech. (the real-time guide WeChat: 397686083) from the above point of view on the daily chart of silver and gold. A week crash, crude oil is on the contrary, rose trend, finally received a large negative column chart, for it is easy to see the market situation for a week, here I’ll explain not long, circle on behalf of the market this week, the focus is to say is that such a good market, no matter what you do, must take a stop, such a big market, warehouse warehouse explosion, turn in a moment, a lot of investors is not love with a stop, but again, life insurance stop is the investment inside the fu. The operation must be based on sound, sound is to survive, do not invest too greedy, earned less to the end unexpectedly lost, shot when the going out, when the income received, must hold a degree. We look together below – next week the market analysis of crude oil technology market analysis – after a week rose Friday, short internal savings, long profit taking, it will take a callback, there has been a wave of oil prices drop! This is why the evening in the market volatility wandering to notify customers when empty single entry in the vicinity of 50.40 line position, when everyone was scared silly not short bull trend, the author leads customers to earn a wave of short profit! As for the latter trend first look at this wave of callback, and then identify the location of the support below the multi single approach. Look at the bottom of the next week, the first line of support for the situation, I would like to remind you that the next week, we should be cautious to look at the long, do not go into more than a single, to the point of doing it again, did not sound on the sidelines of the 49.30. The author suggests that the high priority. [suggestion] a crude oil specific operation strategy: 49.30 line more than a single approach, stop 0.3 points, target 49.80 line strategy two: $50 position empty single approach, stop 0.3 points, target 49.20 line [how to do more than a single oil quilt? Why do not take a single] stop problem I really don’t want to continue to emphasize on their own funds, irresponsible, I have repeatedly said I don’t want to say this, it directly to the point about how to deal with it more than a single, Friday’s price profit taking long form the correction. The above said, the cold production meeting to lift oil prices almost the whole week at the相关的主题文章: