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CTCC landing Guiyang Dongfeng Yueda team KIA double battle Chia map set the fastest lap of sina sports news on October 28, 2016 to 30, China CTCC Touring Car Championship will be in the new Guizhou Guiyang gentswell international racing season seventh station competition, Dongfeng Yueda KIA team will continue to attack the Championship here. The ridge track Guizhou gentswell International Speedway is a speedway in Guizhou the first international level, is located in the beautiful summer of 4A scenic Guiyang qingyanguzhen side, about 35 kilometers away from Guiyang city. At the same time, here is Guizhou and the southwestern region of the first international standard class three track, is China’s first track and cross track tension field contains multifunctional racing. The total length of 2198 meters, a total of 14 corners, most of which are 2-3 files in the low angle. The track is built, so there is a large gap between high and low. After 27 days of trial, some drivers said the new track, grip is not particularly good. In addition, the two groups on the track of the word deceleration curve on the suspension of high requirements, too bad is likely to damage the car. The Thursday after the test, is currently ranked in the championship standings second Zhang Zhiqiang said, "first came to Guizhou to Guiyang, Chun Chi this new track, although not very long, just like 2.1 miles, but the overall feeling is good, a lot of bending need to feel to find, such as some bending false corner road is wide, can be directly opened in the past." When it comes to run across the gap, spa and South Korea Inje Xiaoqiang think the gap does not think big, "drop words may be because a small, looks relatively obvious, but in fact. Today, my teammates made a good score, but may be racing to cut the shoulder and lap some decline, did not achieve the desired results. My car is heavier and heavier, so it’s hard to say, I can’t know where I am until more practice on Saturday." K3 2.0T racing knife group 2.0T concern is the Dongfeng Yueda KIA team in addition to the full in the Super Cup against the outside of the 1.6T group, has invested a new K3 car, in the Super Cup group 2.0T match. It is understood that the new 2 T car by Dongfeng Yueda KIA team according to tournament rules to create power, 2.0T inherits the excellent blood Dongfeng Yueda KIA. Dongfeng Yueda KIA team 2.0T racing at this station put into use, hope through the collection and analysis of data and prepare for the next event in the 2.0T group. The driver, the driver from the Swiss Alex Fontana (Alex Fontana) will be driving the 2.0T car at. Fontana is a top international formula racer, was European champion in 2011 F3 open the annual gains, but also GP3 series annual racer. The Thursday after the end of the test, Dongfeng Yueda KIA team will be targeted adjustments according to the data collected. On Saturday, October 29th, qualifying for the race will be officially launched相关的主题文章: