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People’s Congress proposed the transfer of T+1 mode fraud prevention bank said the feasibility of the Sina fund exposure platform: letter Phi lag behind false propaganda, the performance of long-term lower than similar products, how to buy a fund pit? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! Nandu news reporter Li Yakun in the fight against telecommunications fraud, Shenzhen National People’s Congress Mai Qingquan was in the country this year NPC and CPPCC period, to the people’s Bank of China and the Ministry of public security, the bank put forward implementation of T +1 mode on the strange account transfer proposal, namely the implementation of delayed one day arrival of this kind of risk transfer behavior, so that the victims found after being cheated alarm zhuizang. But the banking industry was lukewarm. Yesterday, Mai Qingquan told reporters in Nandu, he believes that if the early implementation of the T +1 mode, Yulin Xu type of tragedy can be avoided. The victim response lag, criminals transfer and high efficiency have served two consecutive session of the National People’s Congress of the wheat Qingquan is China Federation of the Standing Committee, vice chairman of Guangdong Federation of Returned Overseas Chinese, Shenzhen Huayu group ceo. After a long period of concern against information fraud and repeated research, Mai Qingquan proposed the bank account transfer of strange T +1 mode, T is the day of the first letter of alphabet, +1 refers to the delay of one day. This measure seems to be able to effectively curb the high incidence of fraud in the information. "Information fraud, after criminals cheat money, is the way to spread the The heavenly maids scatter blossoms., money laundering to multiple accounts, cash, cash or in many overseas." Mai Qingquan believes that the banking industry transfer into account in real time, improve liquidity efficiency, but after being used by criminals has become a big information fraud accomplice. Statistics show that in June 2013 this year during the national NPC and CPPCC, Shenzhen reported the information fraud cases, the victim cheated in 30 minutes found only 3513 cases, the total (more than 50 thousand) less than 7%, a lot of people can’t react in time after being cheated. However, criminals in 30 minutes to complete the transfer of funds to operate more than 2.78 million, accounting for the total of 55.5%. The reaction time is longer the victims of criminals, efficient transfer caused ZhuiZang extremely difficult. In many cases the captured suspects, stolen money have no recourse. A delay of one day to 90% of the loss? From the national point of view, many public security organs have established cooperation mechanism with the banking industry. Shenzhen police since June 2013 to set up an anti fraud center, effectively improve the speed of response to information fraud. Deceived the public often only need a phone, the police can quickly, contact the bank, take the payment mechanism, freeze the money as soon as possible. Such efforts have achieved some results in Shenzhen, for example, in recent years by way of freezing of the amount of more than 500 million yuan. But in 2015 the country due to fraud information loss is still as high as 22 billion 200 million yuan, the proportion of little stolen goods. Is a big reason, people found cheated of the time often lags behind, react after the money has been distributed to take now, who has no purpose. Mai Qingquan also told reporters in Nandu, research, the public security departments comrades told him that as long as the theory of rotation相关的主题文章: