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Designers and open the brain hole: Black AirPods is more beautiful! Tencent digital news (compiled: Rabbit) apple has just released the iPhone 7 on the 3.5mm headset interface, and ready for this change. In addition to the conversion head and Lightning interface EarPods headphones, Apple also designed a $160 AirPods wireless headset. The headset uses a very compact design, while equipped with a dedicated charging shell, easy to use. Of course, at present only a white color AirPods. But Apple iPhone 7 adds a bright black color, looks very cool, so if there is a AirPods headset with iPhone also bright black 7 collocation is not used, looks more harmonious? Yes, now there are foreign designers Martin AirPods will change the rendering of the black Hajek, and from the picture to see the effect is also very good, very exciting. Source: phonearena相关的主题文章: