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Health The Standard of Test Requested There are several factors that can affect the quality of the DNA paternity test, most of them also having a price implication: basically, the lower the price the lower the quality of the test. For example, although the current industry standard involves 16 genetic loci, it is possible to reduce this to save on cost, but at the expense of quality. Similarly, a Promega validated test kit will cost more than one put together by the laboratory involved, and again the cheaper option will involve a reduction in the quality of the test. Number of Subjects Participating in the Test The cost of DNA Paternity testing will generally increase according to the number of subjects involved and tests needed, although there can be individual exceptions. For example, if the mother is to be tested then that test is often carried out without extra charge, although it is generally the case that you will pay more in line with the number of subjects tested. Speed With Which Results are Requested If the results of the DNA Test are needed quickly then it is going to add to the overall cost. The quicker you want the results, the more it will cost, and the extra cost for a 24 – 48 hour service, for example, can frequently amount to the same as for the test itself. Where the DNA Testing is Performed The price of a DNA test will be lower in countries such as the USA, where this type of testing is common and there is a relatively high demand for it. Competition also tends to drive prices down, and since high market demand also breeds competition, testing costs in the USA is generally lower than elsewhere, particularly than in countries where little DNA Testing is carried out. Nature of the DNA Test Requested and Type of Sampling Employed DNA Testing costs vary according to the test being carried out. There are a number of different types of DNA Relationship Tests, and they do not all involve the same testing procedures. Some are more involved than others are and take more time to carry out with a resultant cost differential. A sibling test involves more complex analysis procedures than a paternity test, and will therefore cost more than the paternity test. The same is true of other tests that are designed to determine relationships. The more complex the test, the more it will cost. The type of sample you submit will also affect the cost. If you submit a hair, which is more complicated to analyze than an oral swab, then that will also cost you more due to the extra work involved. Is the Test a Regular or a Legal One A legal DNA test will cost more than a regular test, due mainly to the security aspects of the legal test. Although there is no significant difference in the accuracy of the test, the sampling kit is usually more comprehensive for the legal test and consequently more expensive. The legal arrangements necessary for the correct identification of the person being tested, and also for the transport of the kit to the laboratory for testing, involve some expense, including payment for third-party notarizing. As you can see, there is a number of cost factors involved in a DNA Test that renders an accurate assessment of pricing difficult, so you are advised not to arrange sampling until you have been provided with an agreed price for the test. At easyDNA you will find answers to all questions regarding paternity, siblingship and legal definition. We are equipped to provide full legal and emotional Paternity Test services, using state of the art technology, at competitive rates, on time, every time. We operate through a network of offices covering a wide geographic area. We currently operate 12 offices worldwide and can be contacted for more information at [email protected] ..easydna.ca About the Author: 相关的主题文章: