Do not do these things when refueling, otherwise the consequences are serious (video)

Come on don’t do these things otherwise the consequences will be grievous as the owner of petrol too full to be unbearable to contemplate the consequences, everyone go to the gas station to refuel the car often, but there are a lot of details when refueling place we all need to pay attention to. 1, no smoking that we must have clear, here is not elaborate, but this is the most dangerous, so in the first row. 2, mobile phone mobile phone ban call normal standby, the internal current only about 8~10mA, when connected to a mobile phone, including RF antenna, receiver microphone, background lights are in working state, the current mobile phone may be increased to 2 -2.5A, and could spark when exposed to the gas station dense flammable gas molecules is easy to cause a fire or explosion. Pick up the phone is not a moment, safety first. 3, refueling flameout into the gas station refueling, we must stop the fire, turn off the power and the engine, to avoid accidents. 4, prohibit the use of plastic containers can not use plastic containers loaded with oil, because the oil flow in the plastic container friction generated static electricity, while the plastic is insulated, can not be ruled out in time. 5, do not have to refuel refueling is a dangerous technology to live, the owners do not go to the use of non dedicated self oiling machine, to avoid misuse, accidents. 6, beware of static electricity or wear off chemical fiber, nylon and knitted clothes, comb these actions will produce static electricity, instantly ignite the gas station near the flammable and explosive gas molecules. 7, the thunderstorm weather best not inflammable volatile gas of gasoline, in the gas often outward drift, if this time you happen to catch the thunder, the consequences be unbearable to contemplate. In addition, some of the safety awareness of the gas stations are not required to refuel the thunderstorm days.相关的主题文章: