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Do you find the best opportunity for your baby to sleep? Sohu mother and baby you find the best opportunity to sleep? Dolphin grew up, the sleep ah, more and more erratic? Not sure, sometimes small he wants to play, he was drowsy, back tired out want to quiet when a hot mom, the little guy climbed to "play with me". Would you like Dongyin Xin to let him find dad? Good idea, just a little too late dad Xin work, dolphin can not wait until that time? There are several small "conspiracy" to succeed, but most of the time is: small fidgety dolphin be sleepy straws VS tired to go home but not coax baby dad xin…… Ah, well, guess is that Xin Dad out of the ghost…… Well, frank, in order to fight this thing is not good. Really do not say, a lot of time between parents quarrel, the source lies in baby, baby…… If a dolphin before Xin dad back first nap, will not conflict? Do you think this little crooked brains did not move? The reality is very skinny ah, half a year old dolphin is not asleep, sleep until midnight, is indeed the nap for an hour, but I woke up still very upset, but also the anger spread to the father who had just come home xin. In order to family harmony, or from the (lazy) Ma Ma role conversion to the professional role of pediatricians, sleep or play, do not twist the baby’s sleep schedule? Such a small meatballs, what is the law? Generally half a year old baby, if you can sleep at night in 18-20, very good health. So, if disturbed his sleep time, it is easy to lose the wife of another soldier, even if your baby’s eyes barely open will be very tired, think enjoyable? Ha-ha。 "But I want to talk to a dolphin show……" Xin dad sometimes very contradictory. Intimacy doesn’t have to stare at the night time, the morning can also ah, ah you want dolphin sleep early, wake up early, as long as the Xin father early, before work can still be a drop of parent-child intimacy. Of course, you get up late, can not help the south. After all, the baby sleep is very important, don’t take chances, that he would eat bitterness, everything is to follow the laws of their own sleep. Sleep sleep is the so-called law, easy and easy, as long as the best opportunity for a baby to sleep, immediately, and very hate by Baba Mama to disrupt the rhythm, even if it is not the good intention. That is, the baby’s biological clock will be formed in about half a year old, this is a new force called, along with the best of them, synchronization. Anyway, Xiao Nan is now chastened, dolphin let sleep, according to his own biological clock, when sleep time is more important than sleep, wake up a good mood, good spirits, we can either match his rhythm. Try not to let your own schedule and family planning affect the sleep quality of small fathers. Sleep at night, so happy to decide. During the day? Sometimes the day dolphin like or not be sleepy straws, sleep sleep? All so.相关的主题文章: