Do you still remember the 5 year old’s little distress, little fun and little challenge Sohu –roxane hayward

Do you still remember the 5 year old’s little distress, little fun and little challenge? Do you remember the 5 year old’s small distress, small fun and small challenges? If you have a child, and he happens to go through this stage, then, in the child’s body drops, will remind you of your childhood. The first time to go to the hospital to see the teeth, is not afraid to cry? Lost for the first time, is not too anxious to find dependence? For the first time into the water swimming, is not afraid of water without the little courage? First came to the kindergarten, is not at mom and dad’s clothes are reluctant to hand? These little moments, they sparkle, and now they come, they are precious memories. I believe that when you open the "Benny’s story" the dogs of Holland "National Children’s book" known to every family, will definitely be in these hilarious and gentle little stories, see in every ordinary day, the real, and strive to grow children — he is mom and dad are the "past tense". It is every child’s present". Benny the dog is a cute little fox terrier, he told the world observation and a five year old boy almost. "Benny dog story" is divided into four parts: the spring and summer, autumn and winter, a total of 104 stories. About what happened in Benny and his friend Henry Lee Pieter (a special focus on their appearance, Tobias (Yorkshire terrier) was often laughed at short legged dachshund) between the funny story. They explore together, go to school together, play together and grow up happily. The book also recorded in between the large and wise grandmother, Benny the dog cute mom living. It is just like the child’s incarnation, many issues are also the child is experiencing things, let the children feel, also let a lot of mom and dad so resonate. This may be the reason for the popular dog. The Hebrew · Persian dhuma and Benny the dog dog prototype is not in the book and the image of the dog is like Benny? Benny the dog is in this book the hero, it is actually the prototype "dog’s story" the author Benny Siberia · dhuma raised about 15 years Persian dog, he has a velvety ear, nose and wet feet smell biscuits. In the past 15 years, Benny the dog with the Persian dhuma, moved, holiday together, play together, chase…… Siberia? Dhuma (SiebPosthuma, 1960-2014) of Persia, Holland famous artist and illustrator. He has won awards including several illustrations, "Holland golden pen Award", "Holland silver pen Award", "Holland gold and silver brush Jury Award", "the Newspaper Association of America Design Award". Who has numerous masterpieces of Persian dhuma illustration, including Shakespeare and Thomas’s works?. He also invited the princess of Holland Luolandien · van · ou Langjie the works of "Finney’s world" illustration. He wrote the picture books alone.相关的主题文章: