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The suspected kidney disease, must check the lung, don’t think about money – Sohu health more than two months ago, the clinical treated a 20 year old young male patient is suffering from a Goodpasture syndrome (Goodpasture syndrome) disease, as the name suggests, can also affect the kidneys and lungs. The reason is the alveolar basement membrane and glomerular basement membrane cross antigen, can be simply understood as the two are very far but common organ, weakness, or pathogenic, when the pathogenic factors, mainly some immune complex lesions in the basement membrane, can also cause pulmonary hemorrhage and glomerulonephritis. The progress in the majority of patients rapidly, prognosis. Today is his eighth review. Fortunately, the beginning of a better. The young man started, symptoms are intermittent fever, accompanied by mild nausea and vomiting, loss of appetite, anti fever drugs has not significantly improved. Local doctors gave him a chest X-ray and detailed laboratory examination, was diagnosed with bronchial pneumonia, accompanied by elevated serum creatinine and urea nitrogen, taking into account the possibility of kidney disease, and then transferred to our hospital for further diagnosis and treatment. Through detailed laboratory analysis, and renal puncture, diagnosed with pulmonary hemorrhage nephritis syndrome. After a number of plasma exchange and related symptomatic treatment, the disease has been effectively controlled. The disease is dangerous, the middle under the critical condition, fortunately, patients and their families are actively cooperate with the treatment, the patient’s body quality is relatively good, is safely out of this one. Syndrome and renal function damage of alveolar hemorrhage showed Goodpasture, most cases had fever, hemoptysis, bloody sputum, fatigue, cough, dyspnea and other symptoms, in addition, chest pain, rash and extrapulmonary manifestations are not uncommon. In young and middle-aged people. Carefully investigated the causes of Goodpasture syndrome with anti glomerular basement membrane disease (GBM) and anti neutrophil cytoplasmic antibody associated vasculitis (ANCA), accounted for 70%, followed by other autoimmune diseases, including systemic lupus erythematosus and systemic sclerosis accounted for 10%. The medical department of the kidney, the puncture is the gold standard, the patient in a timely manner to wear the kidney, before the diagnosis is clear. Some readers will ask, do B ultrasound or nuclear? The answer is, can not be diagnosed! A variety of nephropathy in the above image looks the same, even with the normal kidney is no different, the current imaging of most of the kidney diffuse lesions is almost blind. The lesions in the lungs are predominantly alveolar hemorrhage, as shown below, with diffuse diffuse and ground glass density. But there are signs of this disease is actually a lot, such as various types of pneumonia, and other causes of bleeding, even some lung cancer, although the key is alveolar hemorrhage, most patients can have hemoptysis, but some patients only showed blood in the sputum, even some hemoptysis. Therefore, radiologist to draw the correct conclusion, must not talk, must according to the clinical manifestations of the patient and other laboratory examination, special history and so on, or even need to ask medical history, a comprehensive analysis to draw conclusions. Retrospective analysis of this patient, in fact, many diseases!相关的主题文章: