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Drug hero Li Jingzhong farewell ceremony held in Beijing Beijing, Kunming in November 7, in Yunnan, Jinghong (Han Shuainan) 7 morning, Jinghong City, Yunnan Province Public Security Bureau narcotics brigade Deputy captain Li Jingzhong was shot at the expense of the drug remains farewell ceremony held in Jinghong city. Tens of thousands of people from all walks of life and to bid farewell to the hero finally. November 4, 2016 at 12 am, the Jinghong Municipal Public Security Bureau narcotics brigade in Jinghong Jing Jing Township cracked a large armed drug trafficking case. In the arrest process, comrade Li Jingzhong in charge before, launched a desperate struggle with drug traffickers. Drug traffickers shot arrest, Li Jingzhong unfortunately shot, heroic sacrifice, died at the age of 32. The evening of November 5th, the "2016.11.4" large armed drug trafficking case detection, 4 suspects were all arrested, and seized 21 kilograms of drugs, 2 guns. The picture shows the scene of Li Jingzhong’s farewell ceremony. Zhong Xin photo at 9 in the morning, comrade Li Jingzhong body farewell ceremony officially began. Li Jingzhong farewell ceremony after the end of the armed police guard under the 8 Jinghong City Public Security Bureau police Comrade Li Jingzhong lifted the coffin hearse, 18 with the vehicle model, 40 police carrying wreaths with farewell. Li Jingzhong, male, Xishuangbanna, Jinghong, Lahu, born in August 1984, in May 2007 to join the Communist Party Chinese, December 25, 2007 to participate in public security work, college degree, a police sergeant, vice captain of Jinghong City, Yunnan Province Public Security Bureau narcotics brigade. Li Jingzhong engaged in anti drug work for 6 years, participated in the detection of bulk drug cases, and seized thousands of kilograms, the 3 consecutive year of outstanding civil servants, remember three, 3 times, won several individual awards, in 2015 was named "advanced individual of the national anti drug city campaign, and won a number of honorary experts to solve the case. (end)相关的主题文章: