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Games The Eagle Sea Finder 500C is a great fish finder. But, why, you may ask, is it a great product for you? Here are some of the features that make this 500C fish finding tool so valuable from anyone that is a beginner to anyone that is a professional. Youll love it! First, we start with the display. The 500C offers a five inch, diagonal screen that has 256 colors, active matrix TFT LCD. What does all that translate into? It provides excellent color and clarity in a five inch screen. That is about an average size screen but it is also a great quality screen as well. So, youll see whats down below fairly easily. It is also high definition which means that the things you do see will be recognizable. With a backlit screen and keypad, youll be able to fish day or night (great for those early morning trips on the lake!) And, youll find that it offers a transparency feature with allows for viewing of the sonar graph through the menu displays and overlay features. In other words, you can use it anyway you would like to and get good results. But, we have to mention some of its other features as well. With a depth level of 1500 feet, and high performance capabilities, this is a great product. It allows for an extra wide angle giving you more to see and therefore allowing for more impressive pictures. You can use this high performance sonar as well as its other abilities to decide where your fish is, to cast perfectly to the location, to lure him in with the bait and of course, to bring that fish on board. Having the ability to do this, will make you the ac.plished fisherman to say the least! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: