Egyptian President intends to visit Japan or make a speech in parliament, Andouble wants to seek

The Egyptian President’s visit to Japan or to Congress to seek new Andouble February new network cooperation in 11, according to Japanese media reports, a Japanese government official said 10, Egyptian President Cecilia to the fastest in the end of the month the first visit to Japan, and held talks with Japanese Prime Minister Abe Shinzo is now launched a formal coordination. According to reports, Cecilia was a congressional speech in Japan is also in the coordination stage. The house of representatives of Japan Affairs Bureau said, if implemented, will have the exact record since 1958, Egypt’s president for the first time in the speech on congress. Egypt has been a non permanent member of the UN Security Council since January. Japan is also one of the 10 non permanent members of the UN Security council. Egypt currently accepts refugees from the ongoing civil war in Syria. The Japanese government is providing financial aid and refugee support to egypt. Andouble hopes to join hands with Egypt, the largest in the Middle East and influential in the Arabia world, according to the report. As the Middle East stability will be one of the topics, the chairman of the G7 summit in Ise in May, Andouble wants to show positive attitude towards Japan in the middle east. Summit talks, the extremist organizations in Syria and Iraq, "Islamic state" (IS) related countermeasures, renewable energy, the development of the Suez canal, and so on, are expected to become the topic. The report pointed out that this will be the Cecilia became president in June 2014 after the first visit to japan. Andouble in January 2015 in the Egyptian capital Cairo held talks with cecilia.

埃及总统拟访日或进行国会演说 安倍欲谋求合作-中新网   中新网2月11日电 据日本媒体报道,多位日本政府相关人士10日透露,埃及总统塞西打算最快在本月底首次访问日本,并与日本首相安倍晋三举行会谈,目前正在就此展开正式协调。   据报道,塞西在日本进行国会演说一事也正处于协调阶段。日本众院事务局介绍称,如果实现,将是有确切记录的1958年以来,埃及总统首次在日进行国会演说。   埃及从今年1月起担任联合国安理会非常任理事国,日本也是10个非常任理事国中的一员。埃及目前接纳从内战持续的叙利亚进入的难民,日本政府正对埃及提供财政援助,实施难民支援。   报道称,安倍希望与在中东人口规模最大、在阿拉伯世界具有影响力的埃及携手。作为中东稳定将是议题之一的5月七国集团(G7)伊势志摩峰会的主席,安倍想显示出积极支援中东的日本姿态。   首脑会谈中,在叙利亚和伊拉克设有窝点的极端组织“伊斯兰国”(IS)相关对策、可再生能源、苏伊士运河周边开发等预计将成为议题。   报道指出,这将是塞西2014年6月出任总统后的首次访日。安倍2015年1月在埃及首都开罗与塞西举行了会谈。相关的主题文章: