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During the period of eleven to Wangcheng Park   4 people enjoy ticket breaks — Henan branch network — people.com.cn original title: during the period of eleven to 4 people enjoy the Wangcheng park ticket breaks gold Chrysanthemum Exhibition site in Wangcheng park small adorable beast – reporter Li Xiaobo correspondent Corina Ventura Washington 55000 pots of chrysanthemum boutique will debut Wangcheng park. Yesterday, Dahe reporter from the garden party was informed that the ninth session of the Wangcheng gold Chrysanthemum Exhibition exhibition has been ready for October 1st to 31 gold Chrysanthemum Exhibition, Wangcheng Park activities, people look forward to coming to appreciate the chrysanthemum. Reporters learned that this year the golden chrysanthemum exhibition showcases all types of chrysanthemum, chrysanthemum, chrysanthemum, Yi Long national chrysanthemum more than 400 kinds of 55000 pots, and "60 years" Wangcheng spirit "and" multi group carrying the Wangcheng Park Park for 60 years and the theme of memory Mosaiculture collective appearance. In addition to chrysanthemum can look adorable animals born with wangchenggongyuan in South China tiger, African lion, leopard and other small "adorable animal", the National Day holiday, wangchenggongyuan will also build a "adorable animal Baby Kindergarten" in the park, open to visitors free of charge, you can close "visit the small adorable animal". In addition, it can be seen from the Yunnan national song and dance troupe brings WA, Dai, Zhuang and other ethnic minorities in Yunnan Customs show in the park, from the province of Shanxi Folk Art Troupe will bring intangible cultural heritage — Tianta lion dance performances. Let visitors enjoy chrysanthemum, but also see folk performances. According to park, during the golden autumn exhibition, Wangcheng Park pass system implementation, 20 yuan fare, the ticket can participate in various activities in the garden, but also free to visit the zoo. Among them, four people will enjoy the ticket breaks: to Wangcheng park ticket can free admission; retired personnel, soldiers, disabled revolutionary servicemen, the elderly over the age of 70, people with disabilities certificate free admission; children under 1.4 meters free admission; students (including college students, graduate students and over 60 years old) the old man, pieces of evidence can buy half price tickets. (commissioning editor Song Fangxin and Yang Xiaona) 十一期间来王城公园 4类人群享门票减免优惠–河南分网–人民网 原标题:十一期间来王城公园 4类人群享门票减免优惠   金秋菊展现场   王城公园里的小萌兽   □记者李晓波通讯员乔丽娜文图   本报讯55000盆精品菊花将亮相王城公园。昨日,大河报记者从园方获悉,第九届王城金秋菊展布展工作已经准备就绪,10月1日至31日金秋菊展期间,王城公园内活动丰富,期待赏菊人到来。   记者了解到,今年金秋菊展共展出各类造型菊、艺菊、多头菊、国庆菊等400余种55000盆,还有“盛世王城60年”“张灯结彩”等多组承载着王城公园建园60年记忆的主题立体花坛集体亮相。   除了赏菊还能看萌兽,随着王城公园内华南虎、非洲狮、金钱豹等小“萌兽”的诞生,国庆假期间,王城公园还将在园内新建“萌兽宝宝幼儿园”,免费向游客开放,可以近距离参观小“萌兽”。   此外,还可在公园内看到来自云南的民族歌舞团带来的佤族、傣族、壮族等云南少数民族民俗风情表演,来自山西省的民间艺术团将带来非物质文化遗产项目――天塔狮舞表演。让游客在赏菊花同时,还能看到民俗表演。   据园方介绍,金秋菊展期间,王城公园实行通票制,票价20元,凭票可以参加园中各类活动,还可免费游览动物园。其中,四类人群将享受门票减免优惠:持王城公园年票者可免费入园;离休人员、革命伤残军人、现役军人、70岁以上老年人、残疾人士凭证件免票入园;1.4米以下的儿童免票入园;学生(含大学生、研究生)及60岁以上老人,凭证件可购买半价门票。 (责编:宋芳鑫、杨晓娜)相关的主题文章: