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UnCategorized If you are in an area that is subject to harsh winter conditions, it is important that you know and understand a bit about severe winter storm preparedness. Winter weather can result in severe injuries, sicknesses, and even death if you are unprepared. In this guide, you will learn about some techniques that have proven to be successful for individuals in areas in which serious weather conditions have affected them. Home Preparation When it .es to preparing for severe weather conditions, it is important to properly prepare the home. When preparing for winter, it is important to know and understand that you and your family may be locked down to the home to the point in which you are unable to leave. For this reason, you must make sure that it is prepared in such a way that you have all the things that you may need. The following represents some of the most .mon essentials: 1.The first thing that you should focus on is an appropriate heating source. It is always important to set up a backup heating source as well. You should make sure space heaters and wood are kept in a safe place so that you have a steady supply of fire creation techniques to keep everyone warm. 2.The next thing that you should do in order to ensure that your home is prepared for severe winter storms is to insulate each and every pipe in the home. This will keep them from freezing and stopping the water supply that you have. 3.It is important to know the steps that will be taken should a fire occur as a direct result of the method of heating that you elect to use. There should be plenty of smoke alarms and fire extinguishers kept in and around the home for this particular purpose. 4.Be absolutely certain that you have a winter storm emergency pack that includes food, water, medicines, and first aid supplies in case you are unable to go to the store, leave the home, or get to a doctor. 5.Always be certain to keep at least one cell phone with two batteries on hand in case the lines for your telephone service go down. This will allow you to call for emergency assistance if necessary. Essentials In addition to the above listed information, when setting up your home for severe winter storm preparedness, it is important to have some essentials on hand that will assist you in a variety of situations. The easiest way to store these items is in a self assembled or store bought emergency pack. The following list represents these essentials: 1.You should make sure to keep battery operated items such as flashlights, radios, and weather radios on hand with a large assortment of new batteries to ensure the functionality of these items. 2.It is a good idea to make sure that everyone has two to three large blankets to use a piece. This way, if there is an interruption to the heating in your home, individuals may have a .fortable level of warmth. 3.Items such as a shovel, brooms, hoes, windshield scrapers, and other tools that can help remove ice, sleet, and snow are also important and very necessary. 4.Road salt, rock salt, and even sand can help break down the chemistry on frozen surfaces, so it is imperative to keep these items on hand at all times. 5.Emergency type flares and lighting is also extremely beneficial. Conclusion When it .es to severe winter storm preparedness, the most important thing that must be considered is your survival. You should prepare your home in such a way that you and your loved ones can survive for a lengthy amount of time. By taking the steps listed here, you can adequately prepare for any type of winter emergency. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: