Employees want to leave Beijing for HUAWEI opened the swearing in, want to go overseas to fight-cibi

Employees want to leave Beijing for HUAWEI opened the swearing in, to send to Wang Siqi [the overseas fighting dispatch has two main functions: one is to let the developers have the rising channel, if the leaders have been doing, the backbone would have thought; two R & D personnel near the line needs, HUAWEI how to lead the industry forward go, let developers understand the needs of the research combined with the market "unpiloted" HUAWEI, decided to R & D personnel parachuted into the first line, for the future of HUAWEI road. HUAWEI in Shenzhen in October 28th to convene overseas swearing, the company president Ren Zhengfei mentioned in his speech, the dispatch of R & D personnel 2000 senior experts have 15~20 years experience in R & D and senior cadres, and this selection will be held annually. In the traditional field of communication equipment is the vanguard of HUAWEI mobile phone terminal business also began to worry about something, one day will lose the fight. Ren Zhengfei had previously admitted that we sent to overseas people are not sent out. We want to buy a house in Beijing, with children, want to be in a good place to stay". This is Ren Zhengfei of the swearing, fear response. HUAWEI has gone through a large-scale overseas market personnel to the stage, and now the internationalization of the depth of the HUAWEI began to send experts to the research and development of the battlefield, so that they heard the frontline gunfire. Airborne R & D personnel, now can be seen in the direction of R & D is 5G, but the application of 5G is very small, for the future of the road, in fact, our company is not very clear, can not grasp the point." A HUAWEI mobile terminal R & D department staff on the first financial daily reporters. The employee’s question, is also facing the plight of Ren Zhengfei. When a company goes to the forefront of the industry, and the top are not employees around blankly. HUAWEI is gradually into the industry no one area, in the unmanned navigation, no established rules, no one to follow the dilemma." Ren Zhengfei said earlier in the section of general conference. In the field of conventional communication equipment, HUAWEI has to follow from Ericsson, who became the vanguard. Even in the mobile phone terminal business performance is also remarkable. Data show that HUAWEI’s three major business in steady growth, mobile terminal sales also have a good performance. In the first half of 2016, HUAWEI sales revenue of 77 billion 400 million yuan, smart phone shipments of 60 million 560 thousand, an increase of 41% and 25%. Consumer terminal services accounted for 33% at the end of 2015, HUAWEI has become the second major business. HUAWEI’s success is largely due to the success of its international strategy. Thanks to the strategy of HUAWEI in 2015 Chinese pipeline market sales revenue of 167 billion 700 million yuan, while overseas (including Europe, Africa and other places) sales revenue 217 billion 500 million yuan, overseas revenue accounted for 55%, more than domestic sales revenue. Ren Zhengfei has been aware of, HUAWEI followed the run of opportunism high speed, will gradually slow down. In the mobile terminal business, for example, IDC data show that, despite the HUAWEI smart phones still occupy a larger proportion in the international market.相关的主题文章: