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Psychology You are an immortal and pure being. Energy Blockages are that which are not you. They are filled with perverted spiritual energy which causes bad actions and negativity. What is necessary, then, is to ‘know thyself’–advice which every wise person has given. One must know oneself not just at the intellectual level, the level of ideas and theories. Nor does this mean to know just at the emotional or devotional level, simply accepting blindly what one has heard or read. Such knowledge is not enough. Rather one must know reality at the actual level. One must experience directly the reality of this mental-physical phenomenon. This alone is what will help us to .e out of defilements, out of suffering. This direct experience of one’s own reality, this techniques of self-observation, and the removal of Energy Blockages through Advanced Energy Enhancement Techniques is what is called Energy Enhancement meditation. In the language of India in the time of the Buddha, meditation meant seeing with open eyes, in the ordinary way; but Energy Enhancement Meditation is observing things as they really are, not just as they seem to be. Apparent truth has to be penetrated, until one reaches the ultimate truth of the entire mental and physical structure. When one experiences this truth, then one learns to stop reacting blindly, to stop creating new Energy Blockages–and naturally the old defilements of Energy Blockages are gradually are eradicated. One .e out of all the misery and experiences happiness. There are three steps to the training which is given in an Energy Enhancement meditation course Firstly, one must abstain from any action, physical or vocal, which disturbs the peace and harmony of others. One cannot work to liberate oneself from defilements in the mind while at the same time one continues to perform deeds of body and speech which only multiply those defilements. Therefore, a code of morality is the essential first step of the practice. One undertakes not to kill, not to steal, not to .mit sexual misconduct, not to tell lies, and not to use intoxicants. By abstaining from such action, one allows the mind to quiet down sufficiently so that it can proceed with the task at hand. The next step is to develop some mastery over this wild mind, by training it to remain fixed on a single object: the breath. One tries to keep one’s attention for as long as possible on the respiration and then on the Energy Flowing through you from the Center of the Earth, into the center of the Universe. It needs an Ancient Advanced Synthesis of Effective Techniques for Gaining More Energy – Meditation, Shaktipat, Energy Circulation, The Kundalini Kriyas, The Five Elemental Paths Of The Chi Of Chinese Alchemical Taoism, The Grounding Of Negative Energies, V.I.T.R.I.O.L, The Art Card Of The Thoth Tarot, Access To Kundalini Energy, Strong Psychic Protection, Learn The Merkaba, Pyramid Protection, Power Tower Protection, Create The Antahkarana, Soul Fusion, Monadic Infusion, Logos Infusion. The Painless Removal Of Stress, Trauma And Negative Emotion However, to remove energy blockage sub-personalities .pletely, the more Advanced techniques of a Synthesis of Ancient Meditational Techniques are absolutely necessary:- Leading onto the more advanced Techniques of The Karma Clearing Process. Learning how to clean The Karma From Past Lives, Future Life, Future Lifetimes, Integrating Soul Fragmentation And Retrieval of Inner Children, Selfish Ego Sub Personalites, Life Destroying Strategies, The Aloof, The Interrogator, The Violator, The Selfish .petitive Star, The Vamp Or Don Juan, The Pleaser, The Blamer, The Critic, The King, The Self Destructor, All The Destructive Vows From This And Past Lifetimes,. Which results in The Creation Of Self Love, Love And Service. Ponder on this About the Author: 相关的主题文章: