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Jewelry-Diamonds From 1984, the American .pany Fossil has been producing watches, wallets and jewellery along with clothing. Their main focus was their unique approach of producing retro watches. As their initial experiment, they first acquired Zodiac the swiss brand and remodelled it to bring back the 1970 style. This became a great hit. Next in this line Fossil took up the popular Michele designer watches and remodelled them in 2004. Before this Fossil has .e up with the Fossil Wristwatch PDA with the Palm operating system. Watches with caller IDs were introduced by Fossil. They are the official watch designer for National Football League in 2006. Fossil watches .e with more than three hundred styles to select from, including the famous designer watches by Philippe Starck and frank Gehry. Elderly people prefer Fossil watches for their sophistication while younger people are crazy about them for the movie characters like pirates of Caribbean, Narnia, etc., Moreover they offer facilities like chronograph, motion dial, pocket watches, titanium, etc., for men and silver, gold and leather patterns for women folk. The favorite watches of men are the steel mesh watches, and watches with chronograph or black bands. Fossil watches are very affordable to buy and .fortable to wear. Another popular brand in wrist watches is the watches from CItizen. With more than 80 years experience, Citizen products have placed a firm foot in the niches of watch making by their innovation and high technology. They have successfully studied the mind of people and have introduced fabulous watches that have stunned the fashion lovers. Citizen eco drive watches are popular among the celebrities. Citizen collections exhibit the highest quality in the world and offer plenty of features for their customers that no other watch manufacturers have done. The most important feature of Citizen collections is their unbeatable shock resistance power. Moreover, dive watches from Citizen are very popular. They have the highest waterproof quality. They will function precisely even under 100 meter water pressure. These watches are grand success among the youth. Like handbags are for women, wallets are for men. While purchasing a wallet, men will take their own time considering lots of points depending on their own preferences. There are lots of wallets that .e in many different styles. They are available in all colors and all varieties. Mens wallets are the ideal gift to be presented for any male relative or friend. Moreover, there are designer wallets to reflect the personality of the owner. There are zipped wallets, chain wallets and bifold and trifold wallets. All these watches and wallets can be purchased through online. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: