Female students take sexy portrait photographer was involved indecency Xingju superrecovery

Female students take sexy photo by photographer indecency Xingju involved many girls love the photo shoot, retain their youth. Not long ago, Zhou Tongxue, a female student at the University of Nanjing, went to a studio where she planned to shoot a sexy photo. Let her unexpected is that the photographer is actually a satyr, in the photo shoot her obscene. In September 18th, the week you find Hubu street a photographic studio at a friend’s introduction to the photo shoot. Because there are students in this studio shot, the effect is good, the students will be assured to be bold to prepare a sexy photo shoot. The beginning of a very smooth, photographer Zhang first make-up artist to make up for the week students, and then discuss the style of her photos, and then began to take photos. In the second week after makeup, Zhang classmate said she is not released when shooting the film out of the effect is not good enough. How to do it? Zhang guidance week the students off safety pants, and let them put a variety of positions. Just weeks after the students put the back of the photographer’s posture, Zhang actually reached out to the week in the student’s underwear touch. Zhou students were scared to open Zhang, immediately put on clothes to leave the studio. Because of the fear of excessive, Zhou students second things to tell friends. Accompanied the students to students, Zhou Hongwu Road police station. Chow said, at that time the studio only she and Zhang, makeup downstairs. Police will be brought back to the police station Zhang, Zhang admitted touching the plot of the week. The police investigation found that Zhang had molested misdeeds. Currently, Zhang suspicion of indecent women have been under criminal detention, the case is under further investigation. (correspondent Qin Gongxuan, Zhao Xiang correspondent Tao Weizhou)相关的主题文章: