Female students when a crowded bus mobile phone stolen pickpockets two elderly. jodie foster

Female students crowded bus when the stolen mobile phone is two elderly pickpocket recidivist on the bus, two people partnership "programses", the little girl stole the mobile phone. According to the police monitoring, what you want to find two pickpockets, out of a 62 year old, a 71 year old, also is a recidivist. One day received two alarm female students crowded bus mobile phone stolen in October 1st morning, Hangzhou Binjiang District bin Wen Lu and Matilda intersection, Zhejiang Chinese Medicine University, yellow wait at the gate of the school bus. 7:20 in the morning until 107 am, the yellow bus, just get on the bus station, ready to touch a mobile phone a look, but did not expect a sudden feel empty. "Master! Parking! My cell phone is gone!" The bus hasn’t started, Huang hurriedly called off to find a driver. But after the car upside down, her mobile phone Meizu is still missing. Estimate was a thief, react quickly to the Binjiang police station huang. In the police station monitoring out, she saw the car, two uncle left and right in her side, her own car, two men suddenly fled back. Police preliminary judgment, the two suspects are very large. Coincidentally, after more than an hour, and a little girl to Puyan street where the report. 8:30 or so, or at the same intersection, little ready to take bus No. 326. After the arrival of the car, just stepped on the foot of a foot, little feel his pants pocket move, and quickly die, Apple phone has disappeared. "I was immediately back, saw an uncle standing behind me." He said, looking at her uncle very calmly, face the question of what little, uncle is still a little bit of grievances rather baffling. He took out his cell phone, the body of the pocket are turned over to prove innocence". No way, little can only alarm for help. The police at the monitor, the original, is the two person before the yellow alarm suspicious. According to the police clues to find the pickpocket is actually two elderly criminals after the alarm, the police according to the clues, immediately launched an investigation, and through the days of tracking, found the two point. October 12th, the police arrested two people. A look at identity information, silly! One is 54 years, one is 45 years, is a sixty or seventy year old "old thief". It is understood that 62 year old suspect surnamed Peng, age of 62. The 71 year old suspect surnamed Yi, 71 years old, two people are senior pickpockets when you are young, often do some petty things, sentenced to punishment, then steal out, are a few Palace people. Two people are from Hunan, Yi before the main committing crimes in Shanghai, 2013 to "wash", but Pengmou encouraged him to go to Hangzhou. Yi Mou with Pengmou said: I am old, the foot is not good, you play to cover. The two of them split up. Pengmou steal, easy to "transfer of stolen goods, personal advance secretly by an unknown path" two stooges double reed. Currently, the case is still under investigation.相关的主题文章: