Feng Tian Wei was removed from Singapore National ping-pong team in international competition will-running man 20130908

Feng Tian Wei was removed from Singapore National ping-pong team in international competition will serve Feng Tian Wei (information) sina sports news last night, the International Table Tennis Federation through Chinese official micro-blog came for the industry Marvel News — the Singapore Table Tennis Association announced that the Olympic Games has won a 30 year old female runner up team champion Feng Tian Wei, remove the national team! Subsequently, the parties to respond, said it would continue to fight the international arena in a way. ITTF micro-blog writes: "Singapore Table Tennis Association announced that Feng Tian Wei would remove the Singapore National team! Feng Tian Wei and Singapore Table Tennis Association contract will be officially expired on October 31st. The Singapore Table Tennis Association said: "Singapore’s future needs more young people. Thank you Feng Tian Wei for the efforts of the Singapore table tennis, I wish her all the best in the future. In 2008, Feng Tian Wei helped Singapore women’s team won the silver medal. In 2010, Feng Tian Wei won the women’s team championship help Singapore world championships! 2012 London Olympic Games, won the singles bronze medal and team bronze." Only these brilliant record, can let the former "Overseas Corps" in the Titans, now ranked sixth in the world of Feng Tian Wei, to become a member of the Singapore national table tennis team preparing for the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo. The STTA evening issued a proclamation, announced in preparation for the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games reform plan. Statement said, when Feng Tian Wei was 34 years old, so can not be integrated into the current implementation of the revitalization plan total ping. Feng Tian Wei was born on 1986 in Heilongjiang Harbin, with the 2002 National Youth Championships women’s singles champion selected national youth team; but the national team in three years, she suffered from myocarditis to talent shows itself left helpless; then was removed to play in the League when he was in Japan, Singapore Nvping coach Liu Guodong introduced in March 2007 the official representative of Singapore for. In the Singapore team jersey in the past ten years, a classic battle had mentioned, is the 2010 World Championships in Moscow women’s team final. In the face of the the Great Wall has Chinese as strong as iron, Feng Tian Wei defeated Ding Ning and Liu Shiwen, who scored two points on the play, help Singapore women’s team to win the 3-1. This year’s Olympic Games in Rio, with Feng Tian Wei played 0-4 against Japan’s Ai Fukuhara, missed the women’s singles semi-finals; women’s tournament, the Singapore team lost 1-3 to the Japanese team missed the bronze medal in the second singles, Feng Tian Wei lost to Ishikawa Kasumi in 0-3. A message, she also through micro-blog responded: "good evening, I believe we saw reports today, I think I will continue to participate in international competitions, but there will be some changes, I will be with you and the media friends announced future development planning and the competition after a few days, thank you for your attention. And my friends worry, please rest assured that I will not leave the international arena!" According to the Singapore media "Singapore United Morning Post" follow-up reports, Ping President Li Yuyun said in an interview, Feng Tian Wei could be achieved if the qualification, Ping always won’t stop her on behalf of Singapore to participate in the International Table Tennis Federation World Tour and other games. Currently, Feng Tian Wei is in the 2016 China Ping to aid identity)相关的主题文章: