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Spirituality Here we talk about Fix Black Magic Love Marriage Romance Bad Luck Energy. Do YOU want to know more about how to fix black magic and bad luck cycles! Negative energy is everywhere but there is something positive you can do about it. If you want to know more, read on! Black magic has a sinister side to it for both the sender of the dark energy and the receiver. The black magician and the one who receives the negative occult magic each suffer in turn. It is a lose-lose situation all round. Here are some signs it is being used against you: 1. Apparent bad luck for no good reason. Black magic works on the spiritual, or astral plane as some like to call it, and being invisible to the naked eye this is why it is so hard to evaluate. Yet there are signs from the universe that are always sent with the intention to help you. If you are living like a saint and bad things still happen to you this is a warning. There is no .mon sense reason why life should go so wrong. Plans fail at the last minute and you look like you are about to receive something nice and it is taken away from you are .mon examples. It happens again and again, making you feel like you are caught in a diabolical trap, and you begin to think you are cursed by the gods. You wrack your brain for any bad karma you may have accumulated over the past and as you mentally scan your previous decade upon the earth plane you find none. 2. Being tired and drained of energy all of the time. You wake up exhausted and you go to sleep exhausted. There is no let up. You are eating well, taking lots of vitamins, yet you still feel like you are more dead than in the living zone. In fact you have not felt good for ages. 3. Black magicians carry a bad vibe with them everywhere. If you are sensitive enough to their energy you can pick up on it. If you feel dirty after meeting someone, and you desire to go and have a shower to wash way the etheric grime, this tell tale sign offers you caution and lets you know to tread carefully around such individuals. 4. Negative occult methods like to work under the radar. The methods they use are kept secret. They like stealth. As soon as you begin to expose them they lose much of their power over you. This is especially true once you identify the source of the psychic attack. 5. Fear feeds negative energy. It is like throwing gas on a fire. It makes your situation worse. Of course if you suspect you are being attacked by invisible dark forces you can only have the emotion of fear and the black magic people know this. They do everything they can to encourage it. The more positive thoughts and actions you introduce the better. It is the positive energy vibration that will melt the dark vibes. Know you can change your destiny. It is a part of your spirit journey to experience and then to triumph over the dark occult practice of black magic. You can do it like so many have done before you. No matter what the dark throws at you it can be over.e if you decide to walk in the light. You can take positive action and take the steps to correct Black Magic. And why not? It is your life! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: