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For customers, share with the construction of home to travel: a walk in the park – Sohu tourism Dan · Crookshanks is rarely Bidan · Crookshanks go further, he is the leader of the human world explorer and construction experts in. In the book, Dan wrote, in nineteenth Century, the working class in the English city did not have a place to breathe fresh air until the park came into being. > > "most of the people who grew up in British cities have experienced the joys of the park in their childhood. I remember when you explore lush forest park in North London, feeling like the liberation from adult surveillance, and into a fantasy world. As we grow older, our dreams go from bad to worse, but we will never forget the memories of childhood. I used to do that, but I didn’t know how wonderful it was until I made a BBC program about the history of British parks." > > before the early nineteenth Century, the majority of urban residents in the United Kingdom only went to a limited range of gardens or parks. At that time, only after obtaining the permission of the owner of the land, to visit some private parks. For example, in London in 1630s, only those who were considered well educated were allowed to visit the Royal Parks such as (Hyde Park). And in the late seventeenth Century, the Gardens Garden (Pleasure) flourished, people can buy tickets as long as they can enter. Of course, poor people do not expect to enjoy the park facilities. > > in nineteenth Century, with the rapid growth of the city’s manufacturing industry in England, people began to realize that it was necessary to provide open space and fresh air for the working people. This measure is very necessary, not only for their health, but also to prevent social unrest – even the revolution. In 1833, the Congressional Select Committee (ParliamentarySelectCommittee) was set up to investigate how to provide the public with the public in the rapidly expanding cities of the uk. > > in the early 1840s, for the public interests of the municipal park came into being, the funds from the public finances, and by the public management. This is an excellent example of enlightened local democracy, and one of the great gifts of the British in Vitoria to the world. After that, Europe and the United States followed suit to build a large number of parks. > > the first stop in Manchester, the rise of the city in nineteenth Century due to the early coal for the cotton industry. It is here that the birth of the world’s first public park in the real sense, it was built by the working class to raise funds. Because the demand for open space is huge, 1846 here opened three parks, namely Salford (Salford) Pierre Park (Peel Park), the queen of Manchester Park (Queen ‘s.相关的主题文章: