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Finance When you return your acceptance of the offer and make that first payment to the University, an electronic Confirmation of Enrollment (eCEO) is sent to the Australian diplomatic mission (embassy, consulate etc) you have nominated in your application form. Category a student is required to have a score of six or more on the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) conducted by British Council. A paper copy of this electronic Confirmation of Enrollment is sent to you. In vocational education and training, costs vary from AUD 3000 to 4000 for a 20-week certificate course to over AUD 12000 per annum for laboratory or .puter intensive advanced courses. Every month on average about 6,000 men, women and children permanently immigrate to Australia to begin a new and prosperous life. Health care costs for study overseas in Australia can be quite expensive. For Vocational Studies and Training courses as well as for secondary school courses an overall score between 5-6 is required, depending upon the choice of course. Another attractive feature for students going from abroad for higher studies in Australia is the protection of their interests provided by the government through Education Services for Overseas Students (ESOS) Act. And 111,000 more are granted a Study Visa and learn highly paid skills and professions that are urgently needed here. The reasons, for Australia being the first choice destination of these students are many, the most .mon being the fact it is an English speaking friendly country providing globally recognized quality education at considerably a lesser cost than UK and USA. Credit: [email protected] When you have .pleted a 12 month overseas education course in Australia you can also apply here for a Graduate Student Permanent Visa. On average another 120,000 people every month receive a Temporary study overseas Australia Visa and are able to guaranteed credit cards start a business or enjoy a working holiday in Australia. A score of 213/300 and above in TOEFL is also accepted. Tuition fees vary from AUD 6000 to AUD 7000 for a six-month graduate certificate course to over AUD 30000 per annum for a medical degree. If your application for study overseas in Australia is successful, you will be sent a letter offering you place at the University and detailing the first fee payment due. Most full time degree and post graduate degree cost between AUD 10000 to 20000 per annum. Some study overseas Australia universities also accept Cambridge Certificate of Proficiency in English (Grades A or B). The Australian government requires that international students and their families pay for health insurance in Australia through the Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) Scheme. The cost of applying for a Permanent Visa is between AUD$1,000 and AUD$4,500 (Approx). About the Author: 相关的主题文章: