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The fruit has eaten for so many years,   are you still making mistakes? Shanghai Channel – original title: fruit for so many years, still make mistakes like what kind of fruit does not eat what kind of these, do not eat as much, more than you can eat, there are a lot of knowledge. Eat too much too far some weight-loss plans suggest you eat as many fruits and vegetables eat much, but "the Mediterranean" author Barry Sears do not think so, of course, non starchy vegetables you can eat unlimited, but taking into account the high glycemic index of fruit, eat fruit must be more cautious". And the fruit is sweet and delicious, and it’s easy to overeat, which dramatically increases the amount of glucose and calories in the blood, leading to weight gain. The dietary guidelines for Chinese residents (2016 Edition) suggests that a family of three should purchase 4~5 kg of fruit a week. In addition, although in many ways, eat a whole fruit is the most ideal, recommended to choose small bananas or apples, rather than a large, so as to avoid accidentally eat a few servings. Single fruit, although a piece of fruit is better than a single candy, it may still cause your blood sugar to rise. "If you can match some protein, such as a piece of cheese or a cup of milk, it can effectively solve the problem," Sears said. "Fruit improves insulin levels, and protein increases glucagon, which acts to stabilize blood sugar levels," says two hormones." If you have diabetes or pre diabetes, it’s especially important to mix fruit with protein. Only eat the pulp does not eat, peel and peel in the vitamin and antioxidant content is relatively high. Apple peels, for example, are rich in fiber, vitamins C and vitamin A. Studies have even found that eating peels may reduce obesity and reduce cancer risk. Of course, even if it is fruit eaten together, must clean the skin, reduce pesticide residues. If the taste of the peel is not good, it can be cooked, softened and then eaten. The fruit juice drink fruit juice, fruit juice or fruit juice are both bottled from Pakistan, will reduce the fiber content, and the dietary fiber is a slow release of substances in the blood glucose. Compared to drink fruit juice, eat a piece of fruit or occasionally drink milkshakes better. He also warned that excessive intake of fruit and fruit juice (easy to drink two cups of juice or eat a whole bag of dried apricots is very simple, it would be much easier to drink). All fruits are the same, each fruit contains nutrients, but their respective "good" is different. For example, pineapple and blueberries contain healthy vitamins, but different content of their carbohydrate, sugar and fiber, should choose according to their own needs. "Keith Kantor Green Box Foods, author of League of Nutritious Justice" said, in general, try to choose rich in polyphenols and low GI value of the fruit, but overall, most of the darker fruits (such as dark grape peel) than light) 水果吃了这么多年了 这些低级错误你还在犯吗?–上海频道–人民网 原标题:水果吃了这么多年,居然还在犯这些低级错误   水果不是想吃哪种就吃哪种,也不是想吃多少就吃多少,更不是想怎么吃就怎么吃,这里边有很多学问。   吃太多过犹不及   一些减肥计划建议你想吃多少水果和蔬菜就吃多少,但《地中海区》作者Barry Sears并不这么认为,“当然,你可以吃无限量的非淀粉类蔬菜,但是考虑到水果升血糖指数较高,吃水果必须更加谨慎”。而且,水果香甜美味,很容易吃过量,这样会急剧增加血液中的葡萄糖和卡路里的含量,从而导致体重增加。《中国居民膳食指南(2016版)》建议,一个三口之家,一周应该采购4~5千克的水果。   此外,尽管从各方面来说,吃一整个水果是最理想的,建议选择较小的香蕉或苹果,而不是超大个的,从而避免不小心一次吃几份的量。   单吃水果   虽然一块水果比一块糖更好,但它仍有可能使你的血糖上升。如能搭配一些蛋白质,比如一块乳酪或一杯果仁牛奶,能有效解决此问题,Sears说。“水果会提高胰岛素水平,而蛋白质会增加胰高血糖素,这两种激素共同作用稳定血糖水平。”   如果你患有糖尿病或是糖尿病前期,用蛋白质搭配水果尤其重要。   只吃果肉不吃果皮   果皮中的维生素和抗氧化物质含量比较高。例如苹果皮,富含纤维、维生素C和维生素A。研究甚至发现吃果皮或许能减少肥胖和降低癌症风险。当然,如果是连果皮一起吃的话,一定要将外皮清洗干净,减少农残。果皮口感不太好的话,可以蒸煮软化再食用。   将水果榨成汁喝   果汁,无论来自瓶装果汁或时尚果汁巴,都会减少其中的纤维成分,而膳食纤维是减缓血液中葡萄糖释放的物质。相比喝果汁,吃一整块水果或偶尔喝喝奶昔更好。他还告诫说,干果和果汁很容易摄入过量(喝两杯果汁或吃掉一整袋杏干很简单),一喝就容易多。   所有水果都一样   每种水果中都分别含有营养物质,然而它们各自的“擅长”不同。比如菠萝和蓝莓都含有有益健康的维生素,但它们的碳水化合物、糖分和纤维的含量天差地别,应该根据自身的需要来选择。《Green Box Foods League of Nutritious Justice》的作者Keith Kantor博士说,一般情况下,尽量选富含多酚类物质和较低GI值的水果,而且总体来说,大多数颜色更深的水果(如深色果皮的葡萄)比浅色水果(如香蕉和西瓜)含有更丰富的抗氧化剂和更少的糖分。(健康时报实习记者赵萌萌编译自美国《预防》杂志) (责编:严远、韩庆)相关的主题文章: