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The closing of the G20, China car prices turned out to be the most benefit from it – Sohu car end of the G20 summit, the major media have reported over there, in the end who is the summit to find the best benefits for people, it is said to be Andouble, some say Putin, also said to be Obama, in short, all countries big coffee show a hi. But for this piece of the car, the biggest beneficiaries of this G20 summit should be Geely automobile. In mid July, Geely Automobile officially to the G20 summit organizing committee to provide a designated car, including Geely bullyear and Bo Rui, imperial GS, vision SUV, imperial EV models, will be meeting during the reception, security, surveillance and other escort. To show the world the overall level of China’s auto industry, Geely Automobile R & D and manufacturing departments in accordance with the needs of the summit car, the quality, configuration, appearance, such as interior optimization and strict testing. At the same time Geely for the designated car set up a special technical service team to provide all-weather protection and support. What is the reason, let the G20 Committee choose Geely Automobile to undertake such an important task, although the organizing committee has expressed the hope that the choice of the local car to undertake this task, but Geely can finally have the last laugh just First come, first served. so simple. In this regard, Geely Automobile PR Director Yang Xueliang said: "in addition to government support and excellent quality, is also rich in Geely International Conference on a large domestic concierge car or official designated car experience." So quality is an important reason for the organizing committee to consider Geely automobile. Today, Geely Automobile has to fully forward fine car 3 times, the sign is always in the market and consumer demand, continuous improvement, on the integration of resources, with new technical support, unique design language charm and excellent manufacturing process, for consumers to devote themselves to create high-quality, high technology, high added value quality of the car. In the research and development of technology to deepen the platform and universal strategy, adhere to the positive development, and continuously improve the technology and integration capabilities. This means that in cars, Geely is also increasingly the pursuit of excellence, from R & D to select suppliers to adjust the distribution are strictly, only in this way, in order to create a more brilliant, Bo imperial GL, in C-NCAP often high five star models. It is better to make the concept cars, Geely Automobile in various market segments have successfully set a benchmark, record high sales. Listing 5 months, Bo Yue sales continued to rise, in July for the first time over ten thousand, in August again broken million, reaching 10, since the cumulative sales of nearly 50 thousand vehicles. Even in the joint venture brands dominate the second tier cities, Bo also showed good competitiveness. In the more represented by the SUV model booster, Geely Automobile sales in August amounted to 53 thousand and 600, an increase of 69% in the first half of the cumulative sales of up to 382 thousand and 500, an increase of 22%, leading the Chinese auto market. The implementation of quality strategy makes Geely Automobile Products from the brand are more deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, excellent market performance.相关的主题文章: