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Guangdong Media: the richest League and strongest League Super League team still has a long way to go to Nandu too dependent on foreign aid Super League   news reporter Feng Zhen;   Beijing AFC Champions League time last night, 1/4 in the League finals rounds, the Hong Kong Shanghai away to Jeonbuk Hyundai, this requires only a score draw on. Hong Kong can by virtue of the advantages of the away goals out of opponents to reach the semi-finals, but lost 0 5. A dazzling defeat, so there is no sign written into the history of Chinese football. From the scene and data, the two sides are not a team. North of the modern ball control rate as high as 64.4%, with a total of 20 feet shot, Shanghai port only shot at the foot of the ball, passing success rate is as low as 64%. There are a total of 41 times in the north of Hong Kong into the restricted area, while the upper reaches of the north into the restricted area only a total of 19 times. The port in the array to player is worth more than 50 million euros for Hulk, but the overall attack effect is poor, a super foreign aid but is poor tend to fight a lone battle. Out of the card, aierkesen two important foreign aid has great influence on the Hong Kong card strength, but on the port of the game play, which in turn confirms the super team of over reliance on foreign aid personal ability. This, the Korean League and the Japanese J League is much better than the super. The Hong Kong coach Erickson after the game comments: "this is a very bad failure, the game was in good condition, when the red card, the game ends, not what to say, the opponent is very good, they have done very well, 5 to 0 score is very difficult to accept, the two round of the competition with the opponent to qualify for the next round." 0 2 behind the goal, Lv Wenjun eager, foot pedaling to full back north face, was sent off, then the port is completely collapsed. The 37 year old South Korean striker Li Dongguo scored on the bench at a distance of two degrees. With the same time as Li Dongguo, Li Jinyu and China striker, Zhang Yuning et al., has been retired for several years, but Lee Dong is still super team nightmare. 0 to 5, is the Chinese club in the Asian Games and a big loss. In the past Shandong Luneng often make a massacre, last year AFC Champions League group phase, Guangzhou R & F had 0 more than 5 were lost to the Osaka steel Pakistan and buriram united. Although the Super League is already the richest League in Asia, but in the competitive level has always been a lack of collective competitiveness, from the real "Asia’s first league," there is a huge gap.相关的主题文章: