Guangzhou auto show in the United States in addition to beautiful models, as well as a high value

The Guangzhou auto show | seeking beauty in addition to beautiful models, as well as the high value of car – car Sohu 2016-11-17 Yan Wang Deyuan Douglas said that the car is only a short while ago, a major auto show car standard, they set up a bridge between commercial and aesthetic, technology and popular. On the one hand, they can display products in the booth, to narrow the distance between ordinary people and cars on the objective, people and cars may complement each other; on the other hand, in some cases, people may seem stale cause show. Have to admit, the greater the attractiveness of the model, the ticket will sell the fire, the participating car prices will be more, the better the effect of the show sales. The audience is interested in, the enterprise has the demand, therefore the model competition also becomes in some sense the enterprise the competition latent rule. However, the show is based on the car, the car is the protagonist of the show. Especially with the development of modern automobile technology, design various models of more and more fashion, show the beauty is no longer confined to cars, some cars can also let the audience enjoy the pleasure of hormones to rise, beautiful. Guangzhou auto show opening soon, we also opened a "pavilion for beauty", for those high Yan upcoming new value: – Land Rover fifth generation found the new aspect: at first, a new design language, the weakening found square box body design, as in the past attention all terrain capability. 2016 Paris auto show, Land Rover officially released the discovery of the fifth generation, the continuation of a new car Land Rover’s latest family style, compared with the discovery of the fourth generation, is an epoch-making product. It is reported that the new car will be at the 2016 Guangzhou auto show in the domestic first. The Volkswagen Teramont car aspect: SAIC Volkswagen SUV, domestic first, super size Touareg catch Q7, using 2.5T for the first time a new V6 engine. SAIC Volkswagen Teramont based on the MQB platform to build, the appearance of the concept of succession CrossBlue concept car design, length and width were 5039× 1989× 1773mm, wheelbase reached 2980mm. The new car will debut at the Guangzhou auto show this year, listed in the first quarter of 2017. The Infiniti QX30 Infiniti car aspect: first compact SUV, the sales of imports, domestic long wheelbase models later days ago according to domestic media reports, Infiniti QX30 will be officially listed in the November Guangzhou auto show, the new car is expected to be the first launch of imported cars, will be made longer for Dongfeng Infiniti QX30L in the domestic market. The BMW 1 Series car three edition new aspect: BMW’s first car market for Chinese precursor, 2017, listed at the beginning of the new BMW 1 series four door sedan (F52) will be officially listed at the beginning of 2017, is expected in November this year the opening of the 2016 Guangzhou auto show world debut. It is worth noting that the 1 series of cars is designed for the Chinese market BMW models, but also BMW’s first car, the car only in China production and sales of. The domestic Volvo S90L car.相关的主题文章: