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Health As the old saying goes, what one eats defines who he is. Although this is mostly with regard to ones overall health, the same can also be said about other aspects of an individuals entire life. When it .es to the health of ones hair, it is no exception. Although it wasnt until recently that the link between hair loss and ones diet was scientifically unearthed, the fact is that the association has been in existence since the dawn of man. To put it briefly, a healthy and balanced diet would translate to healthy hair. However, there are a lot of other factors that .e into play which makes this entire process a bit more .plicated. After all, there is such a thing as a hair loss prevention diet. The Need for Nutrition A healthy diet should consist of a full list of vitamins and nutrients. When it .es to hair health, Biotin and protein are just two of the essential nutrients needed by the body in order to grow full-bodied hair. The good news is that a typical American diet is packed with such nutrients which means that vitamin deficiency is somewhat of a rarity. However, folks who may be under some sort of weight loss program should be wary of their nutritional intake. Vegan and vegetarian circles may also want to look into their protein intake as vegetables are not that high on the said nutrient. The Rate of Recovery One of the few good things about most types of hair loss caused by nutritional deficiency is that the effects are mostly reversible. There are truly a lot of hair products and hair loss vitamins out there that should help one stop the hair loss while also promoting the regrowth of hair. However, some of these products may be a bit over the edge. That is, some manufacturers take advantage of the market by releasing semi-effective items that are overpriced. Involving ones self in a hair loss prevention diet which includes a full array of vitamins and minerals is definitely still the best option. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: