Happiness is like a stuffed bun homefront

As happy as eating meat buns – Sohu in 1964 across a golden sun at noon, when the mother of Mao Rongxian with just two years old I bought two, after a meat bun gave me to the hotel not far away from home, every day two meat buns have been with me, and I was on the fragrant delicious soft memories of childhood. (photograph on the network) I grew to love and not love sugar steamed meat buns, meat buns and another favorite bite can bite to that big steamed meat stuffing. If a bite to see stuffing, flay I will take on buns into two halves, began to export from meat, after a mouth put the meat stuffing finished, the rest of the face skin is in the hands of pinch together, then throw it away. As adults, every one I will ask around the city meat bun their whereabouts, in addition to find a local friend asked, the nearest way is admitted to local government house, waiting for second days free breakfast in a meat bun coming. In 2005, I moved from Chengdu to Beijing, from the beginning of the second day in the morning, they set foot on the search and find the desire of meat buns. The results of a family and let me greatly disappointed "package", including Goubuli, also eat a flat feeling. Then I think, Goubuli using semi baking leather should be not what problem, but it is the direct ground pork stuffing into puree, and not twist (cut) and twisted piece (cut) and silk cutter (cutting) of grain, it is one of the problems is "add meat stuffing; soy sauce and sesame oil, rather than adding" salt "and" lard ", this is the problem of two. These two issues will greatly reduce the taste of pork buns. I am in Beijing to eat the most delicious meat buns in Wangjing Huang Ke family dinner to eat the steamed stuffed bun huang". A Huang Ke by hand cutting fresh pork, vermicelli, onion and so make the filling; another time he used the Chongqing mountains, fresh bamboo shoots, garlic bacon made stuffing. I often keep in the steamer side, waiting for the moment when opened the lid, see the white and tender full filled buns, that I could not help but braved the danger of scalding hot steam, toward caught in the past, even eat two hot spot, as if returned to the happy childhood, and let I think the one thing at the beginning of 70s. One spring, father accompanied her mother to go to Chongqing to see a doctor to come back to me, mother said excitedly: "20 Fen, Chongqing meat bun was delicious Oh, the first bite is the second bite of meat or meat, originally wanted to take two back to you, but afraid so far will be bad off." At that time, I clear the water out. The steamed stuffed bun this little creature is when the first appear? According to historical records, Steamed Buns appeared in the Three Kingdoms era, that time is Steamed Buns with stuffing steamed buns, also is our first. According to the "Wulin old" records, there are Steamed Buns mutton sold in Ling’an City, Wu Zimu in the song "dream Liang Lu" recorded in volume sixteen, Ling’an city to sell Steamed Buns "sugar Steamed Buns meat", "fish Steamed Buns", "eggplant Steamed Buns" etc.. "Dream Liang Lu" also contains Ling’an food for sale "crystal bag", "bamboo meat bag", "shrimp fish bag", "river fish.相关的主题文章: