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Happy Chinese pre bid 47 billion 800 million PPP project stock pulled straight hot column capital flows thousand thousand shares of stock on the latest rating diagnosis simulated trading client sina finance App: Live on-line blogger to guide you to make you take the can make you my Sina Finance News September 20th news you, according to the government procurement network Chinese disclosure, Handan Congtai industrial town of PPP project pre transaction publicity display, the project investment amounted to 47 billion 800 million yuan, the development and operation of Huaxia happiness. By the news, the stock pulled straight Huaxia happiness. As of press time, China happiness reported 28.80 yuan shares, or up to 6.39%. CIC Securities: Huaxia happiness strongly recommended rating China happiness (600340) deep around large city layout, strategic position. The company started in 2002 in Guan, while the real rapid expansion began in 2014, 14 years has accumulated commissioned a new development area of over 2700 square kilometers, and in addition to the traditional Beijing Tianjin Hebei region in Shanghai as the center of the Yangtze River Delta, Guangzhou Shenzhen as the core of the Pearl River Delta and Yangtze River Economic Belt of Wuhan, Chengdu and chongqing. Guan County agricultural poverty compared to 10 years ago, to the rapid expansion of advanced economies in the region, industrial city project, on one hand, the competitiveness of the industrial town mode, prominent in the area by the full approval; on the other hand, the company’s overall competence reached a certain degree, the courage to take bigger steps. The company further expand Guangdong Qingyuan and Chengdu County Industrial Park 127 square kilometers. Following the Jiangmen industrial park with this, and take the Pearl River Delta one hour economic circle important economic corridor linking the mainland city of Qingyuan 41.3 square kilometers of Yan Lake Park, and Chengdu half an hour economic circle of the southwest gateway in Pujiang County, 85.9 square kilometers of industrial town. Pearl River Delta region to further expand the layout of the industrial town is a major milestone in the development of new capacity and layout. 2002 began around Beijing, Tianjin and expand in 2012 to expand to the Yangtze River Delta, but it was not until 2016 to enter the Pearl River Delta region. The government of Guangdong has strict requirements for the development of enterprises, but the strength of the company is still recognized. In March this year, the first project in the Pearl River Delta – Jiangmen hi tech Zone, commissioned the development of the region 24.8 km2; just a few months later, Qingyuan Yan Lake metro project, commissioned area covers an area of about 41.3km2. The Qingyuan project is located in the eastern part of downtown Qingyuan Yan Lake Park, is the city center for the future of Guangdong city of Qingyuan Province, wide clear intercity rail Qingyuan TOD station will be located in the center of end point Yan Lake Park in the west, is the city south, high or slightly Guangfo docking area; positioning for the Pearl River Delta urban agglomeration of the Arctic transit center Guangfo metropolitan area, the new town center, Qingyuan Deputy municipal business center, Yan Lake Ecological livable town portal. Jiangmen, Qingyuan to Guangzhou Shenzhen, similar to Guan and Beijing, regional advantage significantly, but compared to the latter in Pearl River Delta region has a better industrial base, convenient transportation, abundant resources, the company is expected to take advantage of both bad play to its own director, quickly achieved the benchmark of theory相关的主题文章: